Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kieren: 25 Days Old ~~ Sunday Lazy Sunday~~

SUN July 4th, 2010 - Kieren turned 24 days old.

I feel exhausted for some reason, and I decided to stay in bed with Kieren until 11 noon. My husband was then tired too, so at noon, he requested to take over with the kids and he went for a nap.

The living room was like a zoo, every possible piece of toys and stuff lay on the ground. The kitchen was a mess, the sink is full of dishes. Well, men do not really clean up while watching the kids. .........

So, I put Kieren in his bassinet and start picking up the garbage. Try to make a passage way in the living room. I washed the dishes. I put the empty beer bottles in the balcony before it fall on someone's head. Tried to put the DVDs in its respective cases before Karlina scratch em all. I asked Kenny to take his shower. I cooked some Kraft dinner. I put Karlina to her crib for her afternoon nap. Asked Kenny to clean up his play area, which he oblidge half willingly, and I bribe him with a Kraft dinner snack after.

Now, I am breastfeeding Kieren while blogging. And I think...my thoughts need organizing, but nevermind. Nobody reads my blog anyways, but if anyone stumbles to it, nobody cares.

The reason I keep this blog is to remind myself of these dark, survival days...when kids are small, when multi-tasking is a daily  mantra, and the garbage bag needs to be remove at the end of the day because it has Kieren and Karlina's diaper. And these are the days when Kraft dinner is gourmet meal.
Lucky if I can even prepare a meal or worst, serve cereal for lunch, and an apple or orange slice, or watermelon  with slice ham and cheese on the side for supper. 
A stay at home mother can never serve the best meal or even clean the house. Think that the house is the playground for the whole day...........good luck cleaning up at the end of the day.
And the kitchen...sort of playground too. Forks and spoons are becoming toys. And the washroom, especially the toilet bowl can sometime be a drinking fountain! Ew...but what difference does it make to a 1 year old? You tell her NO a million times, and when you turn around, and there she is again, flushing the toilet bowl, and when she is satisfied flushing it 4-5 times, she scoop some water from the toilet bowl, and put it for the cat's drinking water, or worst, drink it.
Familiar episode like eating the sand from the playground sandbox, God knows how many dogs pee or poop there.

And of course, since mama can't offer her vagina for sex, then there should be a job called blowjob. And it all works out.

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