Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Karlina's Baptism May 17, 2009

Karlinas Baptism was last Sunday May 17, 2009, at St. Margaret Marys Church. Fr. David Shulist, SJ Carleton University Chaplain was the officiating priest. I personally requested him to do her baptism, because Carleton Catholic Community is a big part of me.

I have 50-60 guest, mostly family and friends, and my extended family which is Development and Peace members of the Diocese of Ottawa. It was nice weather and food was great courtesy of friends and family. Thank you very much.

I did not realize that it was also exhausting. Since then, I hibernated for two days, and now I wake up with piles of unwashed dishes in the sink, a house that could use dusting, and dirty clothes on the floor that could use washing.

Well, I have to finally wake up now, and start doing the chores that needed my attention. Maybe, a good breakfast to start with.