Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kieren: 48 days old ~~ And the Rite of Passage for Kids~~

TUE 27 JULY 2010 - Kieren turns 48 days old. 

Baby Kieren is very alert and he start to roll over to his belly. He has strong neck and also strong kick. He has a chubby check, :)))) and he feeds very well. He is purely breastfeed.

DAY 2 for packing up for our move to our new garden home. Uncle Ron came from Montreal to help us.

We spend the morning at Sawmill Creek Park and the afternoon at Trappers Park attending Kennys soccer practise.  :))

Karlina like eating sand, or tasted it at some point... the rite of passage for every toddler.
As one mom says, "for the first born, we are about to go to CHEO. With the second one, we find it cute, take a video and upload it on youtube. "
Phew...welcome to Parenthood.

Kieren: 47 days old ~~ And the Stairs are Fun Again~~

MON 26 JULY 2010 - Kieren turns 47 days old. 

Kieren is healthy and active boy. He has waking moments, about 11pm and 1am. He smiles a lot and he has a chubby check.

Karlina enjoys stairs. We visited Larry today, and she was down to the basement and up in the bedrooms. She has very good blance, and she can climb on the slides on her own. She is the one that moves a lot in the house.

Kenny is a testy little one, who ask a lot of whys. Very intuitive kid, and loves to dance and act. He went for swimming lessons today, and fearless on the slide and on the diving boards.

My kids are growing very fast.

Kiren: 46 days old ~~Sleep, Sleep and Shawarma~~

SUN 25 JULY 2010 Kieren turns 46 days old.

Kieren is all well and happy. I am now catching with sleep.

Karlina seem to have switched to sleep days and up nights. A night owl at 1 and 1/2 years old.

Kenny enjoyed Vacation Bible School. He graduated today, and he leared Genesis 1:1 " and God created the heaven and the earth". SOOOOOOo cute. !


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kieren: 44 Days Old ~~ And why does it have to rain on Friday? ~~

FRI 23 JULY 2010 - kieren turns 44 days old.

My sweet chubby check Kieren is so alert and he is getting the hang of rolling over. He can roll on his belly, but have a hard time getting to his back. Still, it is a very good movement that impress me. He has strong legs, and he can push like crazy. I did not know that climbing strength is influence by genetics!

Karlina dear is our little monkey. if you turn your back, she will climb on everything: parked strollers, table, computer chair, dressers.

Kenny: he is such an inquisitive active kid, i wish, i have more time to train him on the road. :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Kieren: 43 Days Old ~~ So I found the Elusive Life Jacket~~

THU - 22 July 2010 - Kieren turns 43 days old. 

KIEREN: My son seems to be awake more after feeding, and he seems to be awake at midnight, which is the time he was born. He must have totally develop a good lung now, because his cries and coos are louder.

I went out shopping today, for some goodies. Got some cat littler, and sunglasses for myself.

LIFE JACKET: yes, i found the elusive life jacket, the smallest one and there was only one left. It is almost impossible to find a life jacket that fits Karlina, she is 1 year and a half, and she likes to go in the pool with her older brother Kenny.
I found it, .............and it was so good that it fits her. She was walking around the house with it, so I cannot wait to take her to the pool tomorrow.


Kieren: 42 Days old ~~ Laundry Day~~

WED JUL 21, 2010 - Kieren turns 42 days old.

Kieren turns 42 days old and he seems to be a wiggly little guys. He would push back and he definitely is a mover for such a young fellow. He poops regularly, (yellow bunch) and still 100% breastfeed. He enjoys walks in the park and he seem to sleep very well when I am out walking.

KARLINA the EXPLORER: Karlina enjoys our big backyard and she enjoys the exploring phase. She would try to go over obstacles, and chase the ducks by the pond.

VBS: Kenny is joining a 3 day Vacation Bible School at the PMCC. It is a good thing for him, because he mingles with kids of his age.

And the laundry keeps piling up, so the laundry duty begins. :)

Kieren: 41 Days Old ~~ Bumps & Bumps Karlina~~

TUE 20 JULY 2010 - Kieren turns 41 days old. 

It was a nice warm summer day, and Kieren is continuing to grow. He looks great on an "orange suit onesy". He also grow very nicely, he has now a double chin, and chubby check.  He seem to love the cuddle time, and he constantly crave for hug time. Guess everyone needs that hugy time, but babies have more clear expression of need: "I will cry if you don't hug and cuddle me".

TANTRUMS: Karlina is a little terror, she climbs everywhere, and the tantrums started. She will be lying around and cry if she does not get what she want. Overall, she is developing a milestone, tantrums are normal for toddler. She also love the swimming pool and fearless.

SOCCER GAME: Kenny enjoyed the soccer games on TUESDAYS at Trappers Park by GRDO ( and we all go and watch him play.
Beside the field, Karlina enjoyed the play structure and she enjoys bumping in there. She climbs and slides on her own. Of course, she bumps and bumps...
maybe hurting her sometime, but its all for the fun!:)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Kieren: 40 Days old ~~Handsome Me~~

MON July 19, 2010 - Kieren turns 40 days old.

Kieren is very alert, and happy little one. He feeds, poops and smiles. He looks very handsome today, I also bath him today and I dress him up. I took pictures of him sitting by the nice chair.

Karlina enjoys her naps and continues to climb all the time. She does not sit still on her high chair, but excited to eat. She loves to sit beside daddy.

Kenny loves computer games, and he plays it with gusto. He seem to be this tech geek kid, and hope he keep it up.

Blowjob: Yes, that it my job. ::)

Folding Laundry is a job today. :)

Kieren: 39 Days Old ~~ Laundry oh Laundry~~

SUN July 18, 2010 Kieren turns 39 days old.

kieren starts to be more aware now, and he spend some few waking moments trying to roll side to side. He can see toys, and tries to reach for it.
He feed well, and still pukes come out of his nose most of the time. He is very healthy, despite his heat rash.

Karlina is at par with her developmental milestones. She climb on everything, and everything means....chairs, tables, strollers, trees outdoors. She is very funny and sometimes scary.

Kenny is still Kenny. At 5, he years for attention all the time. He likes to win all the time. He likes to boss around. He likes many things. He has limited attention span, and he jump from one game to another. He is a very helpful young man.

Today, house is busy. Daddy is out of commission, he can't move, his left leg is badly bruised still.

I did laundry after laundry, and our bedroom laundry is done. Just needed folding and kids laundry need to be done soon.

I ended my day.......tired, but happy. I have a small family, and we are here together. :)

Kieren: 38 Days Old ~~Nanny Visits Kieren~~

SAT July 17, 2010 - Kieren turns 38 days old.

kieren and I have a good night sleep in the bedroom while daddy sleep in the couch.

in the morning, i took the kids out for play, because daddy stayed to clean and vaccum the house.

Nanny also come and visit us.:) accident happened and Kenny kick his daddy on his left leg and sent him to doctors.

Daddy came home with swollen left knee. It will take him a week or two to heal it. It was badly bruised, maybe sprained.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kieren: 37 days old ~~ The Shopping Spree~~

fri 16th July 2010 - Kieren turns 37 days old.

Kieren and I sleep in our masters bedroom and have a good sleep.

Blowjob - that is my job,  it is done today.
Shopping - i went shopping for the kids and the family. I bought white socks for daddy, pink top for mommy, bubbles & freezes for the kids, and Kieren's pacifier, which he never use yet.

I also went to Winner to buy Kenny's helmet and swim googles.
I went to GLOBO to buy my Nike men's flip flops & Karlina's sandals. Yes, i have wide foot, so the mens sandals fit me better.

Soccer - the game for Gloucester dragons was in Letrim Field today and I took Kenneth and Kieren with me. Daddy stayed home with Karlina.

It was a nice day...:)

Kieren: 36 days old ~~ The Family went to The Pool~~

THU 15 JULY 2010 - Kieren turns 36 days old.

Kieren has still diaper rash, but the prescription helped a lot, and now it is showing signs of healing. I use washcloth, instead of diaper wipes.
he is very alert, and he cries if I put him down. But in general, he is very good baby.

The family decided to go for a swim, so we all go to the swimming pool.We come home about 6:30pm and it was a great day.

Kieren: 35 Days Old ~~Kenny Takes A Dip in our Backyard Pool~~

WED 14 July 2010 - Kieren is 35 days old.

Kieren is alert, and we wake up late about 11am. He still has his heat rash, and some skin irritations, however he is doing very fine.

Its a nice weather and we took the kids out for some play in our backyard.
We came home for lunch, and I took Kenny out.
He enjoyed swimming in the pool, he was there for about 2 hours.

Rob bought Kierens presciption for Kieren's skin rash.

I also took Karlina for a short swim about 7pm,  before Rob called us because Kieren is crying to be feed. It was a nice day for all of us.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kieren: 34 Days old ~~ Two Become One~~

TUE 13 JULY 2010- kieren turned 34 days.

It is a rainy day, I took Kieren to the walk in clinic.
a. He has some heat rash
b. He has some skin irritation along the bum area, and Dr. Chadha prescribe him with a cream to apply to his sensitive skin.

Kieren have a bit low grade fever last night, so the check up was to follow up on that. He is sleeping well, and feed very often, that I think my milk runs out.

We also went to BMO, my husband added me to his account, so I can get coins for laundry, but also withdraw any money i need for us. TWO BECOME JOINT ACCT.

We stayed home for the afternoon, because of thundershowers forecast. We even stayed home for Kenny, and cancel his soccer game.

BLEEDING: and i finally don't have my bleeding. Yay

Blowjob: Yes, it is my job and I did it.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Kieren: 33 Days old ~~The Breast Pump Returns Home~~

MON - 12 JULY 2010 Kieren turns 33 days old.

Kieren is surviving the heat wave, we have air conditioner at home. But he has some little red pimples on his check. Nothing on his body and i always give him a sponge bath when needed.

Its a busy day. We go to BMP for laundry coins, and went to Produce depot for some apples, oranges, and watermelon.

At 3pm, I took Kenneth to his swimming while Karlina and Daddy stayed home to rest.

At 5pm, Lana Mathews came over to pick up the breastpump.


Kieren: 32 Days ~~ And it is my Birthday~~

SUN July 11, 2010 - Kieren turns 32 days old.

Kieren is getting more alert now, and he awake after breastfeeding. He looks around. He is very strong and he can roll over on his belly, but cannot return on his back without help.

Its my birthday, I turned 35. I have a nice cake and the kids love it too. My husband gave me a very nice card.
30 something friends greets me on facebook.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kieren: 31 Days Old ~~ The Sex Continues~~

SAT July 10, 2010 - My son Kieren turns 31 days old.

He is very alert now. and he looks around, feeds well, sleep well. Thank God.

Its a lazy day, spent most of my time in bed with my son.

My bleeding seem to stop, hope thats the last of it. And the sex continues. After a month of abstinence, hubby deserves it.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Kieren: 30 days old ~~ And He got his Birth Certificate~~

FRI- July 9, 2010 - Kieren turned 30 days old - one month.

Purolator delivered the packaged of Kieren birth certificate yesterday, but I miss it, so I ask James to drive me to Purolator at 3330 Hawthorne.

We drop by at Food Basics for chicken barbecue & coffee.

We have dinner; chicken and rice of course. Tom end up visiting us after his soccer practice.

Kieren: 29 Days Old ~~ Heatwave is still Here~~

THU, July 9, 2010 Kieren turns 29 days old.

The Heat Wave lingers.

I took them out at the big backyard, and it easily warms up. We stayed from 10am till 11am, then it was way too hot. And Karlina seems to follow the ducks down to the pond, as if she can swim.

Kenny asked me to play dart with him and then frisbee, and running around. I decided that it was time to come home.

At 2pm, Daddy signs our new lease to our new townhome. We finally set our moving date, which is July 29 THURSDAY.

Another load of laundry is done, just one load today. its so hot even at 9 pm.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kieren: 28 days Old ~~ Staying Home: Heat Wave + Watermelon~~

WED July 7, 2010 - Kieren turns 28 days old.

Kieren is now looking very alert, and has grown up considerably. He seems to be more alert.

Lazy day, we must be tired from yesterdays light show.

Karlina: she is the little mover, she gets into everything from kitchen to the washroom. She is healthy and with a lovable laugh.

Kenny: He keeps us busy and lovable too.

Blowjob: Yes, call it my job.

Daddy: He bought this huge watermelon yesterday to cool down the whole family.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kieren: 27 Days Old ~~The Light Show at Parliament Hill~~

TUE- July 6, 2010 - Kieren turns 27 days old.

I wake up late, and I decided to take the kids out. One double stroller and Kenny  and off we go downtown.

We reached Rideau Center. We got cold drinks - Gatorade baby. I might be the worst mom out there, dowsing my kids with Gatorade. We also got some muffins and cinnamons at RichTree. We got frozen yougort, and went to Parliament Hill.
There was a "yoga at the parliament" and for some reason Kenny decided to follow their moves. Really hot, even if it was 6pm.
We went back to Rideau Center, and Rob joined us. We got Tim Hortons for dinner, and head back to Parliament Hill again for the Light Show. The Light Show did not start until 10pm, because it depends on darkness to work out.
The light show ended, it was really nice. Going home was a chore because we are competing against the returning crowd from Bluesfest. :)

We got home after midnight. :) what a day!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kieren: 26 Days Old ~~ The Breast Pump Goes Home~~

MON July 5, 2010 - Kieren turns 26 days old.

The puke still come out of his nose...poor little guy. That must have hurt. He seems to have lots of gas too. It is a task to let him burp.

He needs to be on his belly to feel better. When he is on his back, he feels choked by his own vomit. So he has to be on his side or on his belly most of the time.

Kenny seems to sleep noons, so he miss his 3pm swim. Oh well, we will just bring him to a smaller pool in the backyard.

Since Karlina sleep in, we decided to stay in. We lounge at home and daddy cooked pizza for dinner. Karlina discovered our dining table, and behold she is sitting on top of it. :)

Speaking of the breast pump, I called in today to return it, but Lana won't be in till July 12th.

Bleeding: yes, I'm still bleeding. Still waiting for the day that my bleeding stops and I can actually jump in the swimming pool.

Kieren: 25 Days Old ~~ Sunday Lazy Sunday~~

SUN July 4th, 2010 - Kieren turned 24 days old.

I feel exhausted for some reason, and I decided to stay in bed with Kieren until 11 noon. My husband was then tired too, so at noon, he requested to take over with the kids and he went for a nap.

The living room was like a zoo, every possible piece of toys and stuff lay on the ground. The kitchen was a mess, the sink is full of dishes. Well, men do not really clean up while watching the kids. .........

So, I put Kieren in his bassinet and start picking up the garbage. Try to make a passage way in the living room. I washed the dishes. I put the empty beer bottles in the balcony before it fall on someone's head. Tried to put the DVDs in its respective cases before Karlina scratch em all. I asked Kenny to take his shower. I cooked some Kraft dinner. I put Karlina to her crib for her afternoon nap. Asked Kenny to clean up his play area, which he oblidge half willingly, and I bribe him with a Kraft dinner snack after.

Now, I am breastfeeding Kieren while blogging. And I thoughts need organizing, but nevermind. Nobody reads my blog anyways, but if anyone stumbles to it, nobody cares.

The reason I keep this blog is to remind myself of these dark, survival days...when kids are small, when multi-tasking is a daily  mantra, and the garbage bag needs to be remove at the end of the day because it has Kieren and Karlina's diaper. And these are the days when Kraft dinner is gourmet meal.
Lucky if I can even prepare a meal or worst, serve cereal for lunch, and an apple or orange slice, or watermelon  with slice ham and cheese on the side for supper. 
A stay at home mother can never serve the best meal or even clean the house. Think that the house is the playground for the whole day...........good luck cleaning up at the end of the day.
And the kitchen...sort of playground too. Forks and spoons are becoming toys. And the washroom, especially the toilet bowl can sometime be a drinking fountain! Ew...but what difference does it make to a 1 year old? You tell her NO a million times, and when you turn around, and there she is again, flushing the toilet bowl, and when she is satisfied flushing it 4-5 times, she scoop some water from the toilet bowl, and put it for the cat's drinking water, or worst, drink it.
Familiar episode like eating the sand from the playground sandbox, God knows how many dogs pee or poop there.

And of course, since mama can't offer her vagina for sex, then there should be a job called blowjob. And it all works out.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kieren: 24 Days Old ~~ And He Went to Shawville~~

SAT July 3, 2010 Kieren turned 24 days old.

We have a sort of rough night last night, Karlina seems to be awake half the time and keeps her daddy awake. So as Kieren, he cannot seem to get comfortable, and those curious eyes were wide open.

Mom invited us over for the reunion of the Kelly clan, the family of mom's mother. It was nice, the kids enjoyed and great food.
The travel was another story. Kieren whined half way because he needs to feed. We need to stop at Arnprior to give him some breast milk. That's one disadvantage of breastfeeding, you can't just feed him while travelling unless you pump and feed him from a bottle. That was about 20-30 minutes feeding time.

We come home, exhausted, and full of happy memories. We took some pictures. Karlina danced to the live band, and we meet some family members. We don't know 80% of them, its like our great great grandmothers and grandfathers.........but it was all good.

Good food, you cannot say no to that. :)

And we went to bed, my husband and I spent like 2 minutes together, then Kieren whined for attention.

Bleeding: I am still bleeding and it is uncomfortable going to bed with sanitary pads.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kieren: 23 Days Old ~~ Friday Lazy Friday~~

July 2, 2010 FRI - Kieren turned 23 days old.

I spend most of the day in bed, and I loaded one load of laundry in the afternoon.

I also went out with Kieren to grab some apples and oranges.

:) I also cooked some eggplant today.

Kieren: 22 Days Old ~~ Happy Canada Day~~

July 1, 2010 THU - Kieren turned 22 days old.

It was nice day, and the weather is cooler, less than 30C.
We stayed home, and decided that we will visit the museum at 5pm. But getting 3 kids ready is close to impossible, so we came out late.

We end up in Dows Lake, so Karlina and Kenny can run around. Did not take long until Daddy was eaten alive by mosquitos. So we come home. We took the train both ways.

So, Happy Canada Day everyone.

:)Kieren feeds more often and he is getting more alert now.