Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kieren : 4 months old

Kieren turned 4 months old and his neck is strong enough that I put him in the exersaucer. He enjoyed it, look around, and played with the toys. He is a healthy young boy, and in God's grace, never been sick. He had cold due to change of seasons, but other than that, he is very active and alert. He sleep very well, and feeds every 4 hours on breast milk.

Karlina at 20 months is very active. She is trying to form her own personality, easily frustrated, and climbs on anything. She likes to wave to everyone. She smiles a lot. She runs....chases her brother. She like to sit on my lap. She likes it when I brush her hair. She knows her gloves when it is cold. She climbs the stairs independently. She goes to the kitchen when she is hungry. She picks up her own plastic glass. She can drink from a glass without spilling. She eats yougort, cheese, rice, spaghetti, ham, eggs, apple, pears, oranges, & grapes. She nap once a day. She can climb out of her crib, so we are training her now to lay on her toddler bed. She can follow routine, she can do errands for mommy. She is happy to bring dirty diapers to the garbage can. She likes to play in the bath. She plays with Thomas the train and Percy, while bathing. She likes high fives, and she can say "love you" , "thank you". She loves to dance. I play on youtube few dance songs, and he does follow simple steps. She dance to  MJ's, "they don't really care about us", Aqua's Tarzan and Jane and Barbie Girl, and Canadian Please. She is a busy little one, and she is interested in any electronics with buttons: cellphones, computers, telephones, remote controls. She rides on her little bus.

Kenneth is 6, and enjoying independence and school. He challenges authority and keeps asking a lot of questions. He seeks attention at home and school. He is healthy and he love playing outside. He like his Tonka bike and rides a lot. He is enjoying his current sport: Basketball with GRDO. He likes to be part of the crowd.

My husband, loving as ever........very hardworking, and tries to get a day off once in a while to play with the kids..

I am as usual surviving day by day and I hope I will get use to this someday, and I am still hoping to win the lottery.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And there is no rest for the Wicked!

 "The days gone by very fast for me. Everyday is a struggle to serve three kids with their needs, at the same time, serving a husband without losing my sanity".

No rest, no day off, no hope until my youngest turn 4 years old. He is only 4 months old and I don't know if I can make it. I don't know if this marriage will keep me going, or the anger inside me keep me going and destroy whatever I have. I don't know if the love I have for my kids is strong enough, so I keep loving them, instead of being angry because I cannot cope up with their developmental needs. I don't know if I am spreading myself too thin, or I am just doing this because I think I can, but my body cannot really do it. 


Very cold day, with the sun shining high above. 14C here in Ottawa City, ON, Canada.

Kieren is a good happy boy, no more runny nose, otherwise very happy.

Karlina has a runny nose, and it has been for 2 days now.

Kenny is an active 6 year old who is smart and goes to school everyday.

From First to Last

SUN Aug 8, 2010 - kieren turns 60 days old.

The two month old boy is growing as ever and still purely breastfeed.

==>> wake up with Karlina and Dance to the Wiggles Dance Party
==>> walk with Karlina to Walmart to cut keys
==>> ball gun for Kennys birthday
==>> daddy's last day at home before going back to work
==>> hot, and humid outside...
==>> rained the whole afternoon

and sex happens

MON August 9, 2010

--- another hot and humid day
-- biking with kids in the frontyard
-- took the kids to the park

TUE August 10, 2010

kieren turned 62 days old

--hot day
--kids played outside, kenny biking
-- kenny played soccer, last day
-- and it rained, and it stopped after 15 minutes
-- and the sex happens

WED august 11, 2010

-- hot humid day
-- kieren ist vaccine
-- visitor, rose and phil
-- belle came for a visit
-- blow job - wack job

THU AUG 12, 2010

-- cool, nice day
-- staying in
-- helen came over after 2pm, LCP paperworks
FRI AUG 13, 2010

--- warm day at 27degrees
-- kennys birthday
-- kenny lunch with nanny, kieth, aunt sharron and uncle moe
-- soccer game with kenny at leitrem
-- prepared letter for Helen, re: CCRA payroll deductions
-- rob works nights commissionaires

SAT AUG 14,2010

-- warm day at 24 degrees
-- kennys tournament to end GRDO soccer, Blossoms Park is the champion, Kenny very happy
-- cleaned up the backyard...or first part of it
-- Karlina has slight fever
-- rob works nights with commissionaires


-- rain all day
-- rough night, karlina has canker, and very fuzzy
-- home, thats where we were, nothing to do but watch movie.

MON august 16, 2010

-- nice weather at 23 C
-- i washed the Graco Stroller
-- mom visited us and brought some stuff from Grandpas
-- rough night, Karlinas canker seems bugging her

TUE AUGUST 17, 2010

-- brought karlina to doctors, it was viral, more blisters inside her mouth, fluids to hydrate
-- CHEO dental called, Appointment for Kenny Sept 3, 2010 at fluids in 6 hours

-- rob and i went to laundry at saratoga
-- bought gripe water for kierens gas
-- bought advil for karlina

WED AUGUST 18, 2010

-- wake up to nice 16 C morning, can go up to 25C
-- work day to clear the basement, mom help out and took the kids to the park.
-- uncle cal delivered double bed for the basement. He also bring the TV downstairs.
-- mom and i manage to bring garbage out, old chairs, TV monitors. ah, very heavy.

THU August 19, 2010

- wake up to a nice morning, at 23C
-- walk to walmart for cereals and sausages
-- i think i have poison ivy rash
-- rained in the afternoon
-- cook sausage and KD for hubby
-- evening temp at 18C, so the rain cool it down

FRI Aug 20, 2010

-- weather at nice 16C
-- cool morning
-- walk to doctors, check for my rash, it is hives and i was prescribe Benadryl for allergy, some allergic reaction to what i eat, or touch

-- Kenny woke up with fever and vomiting.
-- Karlina is eating better now, so her canker might be gone. :)
-- got a new washer and dryer delivered. Its a samsung one, high efficiency which means i pay more for laundry detergent. UGH
-- kenny has fever, took him to walk in clinic, long wait ..ahh

SAT aug 20, 2010

--cool morning at 18C,no sun, very cloudy
--ROb works with Gary, Karlina woke up early, kenny has fever, and kieren want some breastmilk
-- filled up my change address at canada post. i paid 45.20 to forward any mails from my previous residence to the new one for the duration of 6 months.

-- rain in the afternoon about 2pm till 4pm

SUN august 22, 2010

-- cool day
-- mom and kieth brought kierens crib
-- dinner at MOntanas ribs, yum

mon aug 23, 2010

--wake up to at cool 16C and raining
--dad and sher came in the afternoon to install our washer and dryer
-- i stay up doing laundry..late:)

Tue aug 24, 2010

- wake up to a good cool day
- bought some groceries at produce depot
- ordered beer online
- built baby gates for the basement - bolted to the door frame
WED august 25, 2010

-- wake up to a cool day, smell of fall is here
-- went to OB for postnatal check up, dad and sher help us
-- have sex with the husband
-- rob works for millicare 9pm till 3am

THU AUG 26, 2010
Kieren starts to make sounds as if he is talking back to me. He smiles a lot.

-- wake up to a cool day
-- played with kids in the basement
-- took Kieren to his kidney ultrasound at CHEO
-- have lunch
-- cook spaghetti for dinner
-- have dinner
-- took the kids to the park with Rob
-- came home at 8pm
-- clean up the living room, and dishes at the kitchen
-- retired to bed at 11pm

FRI AUG 27, 2010

-- wake up to sunny 17C
-- robs gone already to work, 6am
-- organize part of kennys closet and karlinas
-- went to produce depot, bought bagels for daddy,slice bread, pork chop, sliced bread, some grapes & apple
-- ribs & boiled potato for supper
-- took the kids for movie night in the basement
-- prepared robs lunch, rice, veggies, and beef patties

SAT aug 28, 2010

- wake up late up to 10:30 am
- rob gone for work at 6am
- cleaned the house a bit
- kenny outside playing with the neighbors
- fold kierens laundry, 2 more to go
- finally getting a shower since i dont know when
- washed dishes
- getting ready for supper, marinated pork chops and cooked some rice
- ophir came for a visit,leave some boxes too
- ophir & krista came with us to the park
- went to Home Depot to buy closet bar for Kenny and Karlinas room
- dinner
- give husband a blow job
- kieren and karlina keeps me up at night

SUN august 29, 2010

- wake up late, sunny 25C
- went to walmart to buy groceries, re-chargeable toothbrush for karlina and rob
- found 3 wheeler bike for karlina on the way home
- very hot day
- rob came home at 6pm
- prepared supper, ham & cheese in a wrap
- kids played outside, karlina enjoyed the new bike

MON august 30, 2010

- wake up to another hot 27C
- rob works at carleton 7-3, 4pm to 8pm at Service Air
- Ophir & Krista came in for last drop of box
- sort karlina's room
- sort Angie and Robs closet, i put away those for donation, and some that i can wear later
- hot afternoon, bucket and water splash with kenneth and karlina
- very warm, went as high as 31C plus humidex
- went to nancy's by the park, kenny have a blast under the sprinkler
- karlina and braden were playing and doing car wash
- spaghetti for dinner
- washed dishes, cleaned kitchen
- one load of laundry, folded laundry
- have sex with husband

TUE AUG 31, 2010

-  another hot day 27 C
- braden came to visit karlina
- rob went to Carleton for work till 3pm
- took the kids to park/Nancy under the sprinkler
- home for lunch
- back to sprinkler
- fire in bush
- dinner was chicken burger despite the heat
- dry laundry under the sun, clothesline
- produce depot, got some ribs, watermelon, banana, grapes and bread
- rob went to work for millicare 9pm till 3am
- kieren a happy boy, despite the heat
- sllep in basement

wed SEPT 1, 2010

- wake up to 26c, now its 32c, very hot
- morning with braden visiting karlina
- prepared robs lunch, wraps chicken and ham
- took the kids to Nancy's/park
- came home for dinner
- cleaned the living room
- bath karlina
- pre-cooked the ribs for tomorrow, & the potatoes as well
- sliced the salads
- load the washing machine

Thu SEPT 2, 2010

Kieren responds to little talks and he smiles a lot. very healthy and loving litlle boy.

- very humid day, wake up to 22C
- got Karlinas bike at 8am
- Bradens visit with James
- cooked ribs for lunch
- Nancy with kids, plus watermelon
- rain
- shopping to Walmart- daddy's work shoes
- clear and wash dishes
- wash daddys uniform

FRI - Sept 3, 2010

- nice sun shiny 27C
- got a call at 830 am, kennys appointment at CHEO got cancelled
- my punching bag was delivered
- hot, rough day for me too
- visit Nancys for the afternoon
- rained at 530 pm, we got rained
- Rob called in sick, his back is hurting him
- went with Nancy to do groceries at Giant Tiger
- came home, and have pizza dinner
- Rob bought Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we watched it together.

SAT Sept 4, 2010

- family visited Nancy to take pictures of the car seats and others

SUN Sept 5, 2010

- early trip to Produce Depot for meat
- cleaned up house, Mom visits
- Braden came earlier, so we all wake up early
- spend the day with hubby & mom
- corn for dinner, chicken in soy sauce
- watch Buffy with husband
- load laundry

MON Sept 6, 2010

- cool morning at 17C
- Rob is gone for 6am-6pm work.
- have sex with hubby

tue sep 7, 2010

- ist day school kenny
- shop at walmart with nancy
- get kenny from sawmill creek
- attend d & p meeting

wed sept 8, 2010

- rain drops at 18C
- kennys 2nd day with rob
- drizzle showers
- washed dishes in the backyard
- took kids to the park
- rob went to take extra shift at the airport (SEC)
- home preparing spaghetti and ribs
- rob went to hospital to see grandpa emile
- rained at 14C midnite now

THU Sept 9, 2010

- rob took kenny to the stop at am
- got a bike for kenny -TONKA, with helmet
- bath karlina
- blow job
- rob worked with gary 9pm till 3am
- pick up kenny at sawmill creek alone
- paid bills online
- took the garbage out
- spaghetti for dinner

fri sept 10, 2010

- nice 13c in the morning
- took kenny to bus stop with 2ks
- shop at walmart, rice cooker
- print pictures for kennys
- home
- took kids to the park
- produce depot for fruits ang veggies
- home cooking salmon and rice
- cooked corn in a cob
- pick up kenny at sawmill creek
- home feed the kids
-install closet bar for karlina
- playtime for kids in the yard
- wash white uniforms daddy
- nice day, it was 22C in the afternoon

sat sept 11, 2010

kieren starts to smile a lot, and responds when i talk to him. He has this "ohh" and cooo sounds. very happy kid, he makes me smile too.

- wake up to sunny 11C
- cleaned dishes
- organized kitchen
- one load of laundry
- cooking spaghetti
- spoke to Mina, kids playtime
- went to walmart to pick up hose, pick up the wrong hose (weeping hose)
- pick up pictures at walmart.
- went to Tessie and Jose
- came home, have movie time with kids and sleep in the basement
- rob work 6pm till 6am airport corps

sun sept 12, 2010

- wake up to a cool 15C overcast
- scattered showers all day, we felt the cold
- took kids to church, attended 11am mass at St. Josephs
- came home, saw ANdrew at South Keys stop
- Braden came for a visit, Dave pick him up at 530pm
- rob work 6pm-6am at the corp
- got news that Grandpa Emile died this morning at 1am
- cooked some ribs in the slow cooker
- prepare kennys homework for family pictures, and stuff for classes

mon sept 13, 2010

- wake up to cool 13C, light showers
- have sex with husband
- kenny stayed home
- Went to park
- come home spaghetti lunch
- rained
- park
-home again

tues sept 14, 2010

- wake up to 15C cloudy
- went to walmart for IUD
- rob went to work at worlds exchange plaza 6 - 11 pm
- pick up kenny at sawmill creek
- went to loblaws for grocery
- cooked dinner, veggies over ribs
- put karlina to bed, in her toddler bed for the first time

wed sept 15, 2010

- wake up to nice 9C, sunny
- first day, kenny drop off at fox hollow
- rob work days 6am at the corps.
- laundry

thu sept 16, 2010

- dropped kenny to bus stop
- sher picked up karlina
- ride with mom to campbells bay QC
- got ready to attend grandpa emiles wake at campbells bay
- stayed at bryson hotel, bryson quebec
- rainy during the wake
- dinner at the carribean resto
- wake at ringrose, campbells bay QC

friday sept 17, 2010

- nice and sunny
- attended grandpa emiles burial
- lunch at RA center
- head home at 2pm
- home at 4 pm
- went to walmart to get karlinas diaper
- feed Mcdonalds to the kids
- home
- rob works with gary 9pm till 1 am at the airport
- laundry galore