Monday, July 30, 2012

Coleus as Houseplants

coleus chocolate mint in my room by the computer table.
july 30, 2012
ottawa, on, canada

I read many articles about coleus as houseplant. I have to say, it has to be a specific one to thrive indoors. Since last winter, I put the coleus - salmon lace in Karlinas room. she likes her plants. it is an old heirloom coleus, and it survive for about 7 months now. but her color is not as pretty.

Coleus Salmon Lace - karlina's room since Jan. 2012

Coleus-Chocolate Mint

coleus rattlesnake by2nd floor hallway.

I bring in 2 other coleus for an experiment - see how they retain their beautiful color.

One in the 2nd floor hallway and the 2nd one in my bedroom by my computer table.

The first one in the hallway is colues - Rattlesnake, maybe look alike as the Glasshouse Works Coleus Eruption

The 2nd one is Coleus Chocolate Mint - more chocolate and mint on the edges.

Minneola Seedlings (Citrus x tangelo)

July 30, 2012-Monday
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I bought some Minneola last March 2012, and I end up with seeds. I spit it out and put in 4 inch pot and see what happens.

I am busy with other plants, and I found them germinating, I have no idea when, but yesterday, I transferred them to their individual pots. I re-call bringing the pot outside around May, because I saw something coming out. Since then, it was just mingling with all the vegetable pots outside.

I am equally excited about the potential of this fruit, but it also means I need more space indoors to overwinter them. They look nice with shiny leaves. The seedlings grow at a different rate, some are at 6 inches while there are few that are like 3 inches.

A wikipedia picture of Tangelo (Citrus x tangelo hybrid) tangerine x pomelo

Here is the Wikipedia enty on Minneola:
"The tangelo (play /ˈtænəl/ TAN-jə-loh; C. reticulata × C. maxima or x C. paradisi), Citrus × tangelo, is a citrus fruit hybrid of tangerine and pomelo or grapefruit. Widely known as honeybells,[citation needed] tangelos are the size of an adult fist, have a tangerine taste, and are juicy at the expense of flesh. They generally have loose skin and are easier to peel than oranges,[1] readily distinguished from them by a characteristic "nipple" at the stem."

8 seedlings of citrus x tangelo - Minneola

the slow growing batch of the citrus x tangelo seedlings

the stronger seedlings - look at the glossy leaves

Question: what are you gonna do with these seedlings? 

Maybe keep one or two for myself and sell the rest?

How much would you pay for it?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Miniature White - Cucumber Seedlings, and Harvest today

i am planning to save the seeds of my organic mini cucumber seedlings. the harvest is plenty and my kids love it. plus it grows in a pot!

i also keep harvesting my Provider Bush beans - and I happy to feed them to my kids everyday.

My Basella rubra thriving in heat. 

Basella rubra (philippine spinach) - thriving in heat

Bean harvest today - various variety, pole beans, bush beans, good lunch

miniature white cucumber - i let it ripe, because I want to save some seeds.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Open Backyard Sunday - July 22, 2012


I decided to celebrate my birthday by inviting friends over and opening my backyard edible garden to the public. My friend Winn took the pictures, and it was amazing! Here are some of them.

me - feeling short, as you can see the Lilium in the background (red) is taller than me. 

backyard entrance: a child centric universe. sled and sprinklers.

coleus selection pot, with a job to get shade for the small Hosta Praying Hands

Coleus, lambs ears, rosemary, lavender, sweet potato vine-blackie, squash - volunteer seedling

cream liliums

shade section with hosta, bleeding heart, ladys mantle, coleus, single lilium bloom

leek flowers with Echinacea purpurea, a butterfly magnet

Pole Beans, cooling off the canopy in summer heat

Hibiscus mosquetos "Luna" (perennial), scarlet runner beans on the fence, hanging pot of golden lemon thyme, Impatiens balsamina, tall liliums (maybe tree?) and eggplant, with ginger on the pot.

yellow lilium in bloom, looks pretty in person.

cherry tomatoes in hanging pot.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Liliums Blooms today

july 20, 2012

i never stop to smell the roses, but I have to take a picture of this upright Lilium bloom.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trip to Fort Coulonge, Quebec, Canada

Noodle LightSabers fight - go Kieren!

Lawn Dart - Kieren picked it up, he thought it was a hola hoop!

Kieren and Karlina enjoying the visit at Aunt Leonette and Uncle Gordie's cottage. Kenneth and Lolo Fern ride the Seadoo and the rest of the gang drive with Lola Sher!(see the grapes in the table? they finished it all)
July 6-9, 2012

Summer is here!

Trip to Fort Coulonge, Quebec with Lolo Fern and Lola Sher Boucher

Kieren on deck - Fort Coulonge QC July 7, 2012

Another event was trip to Fort Coulonge, QC(

Kids enjoyed 3 days with Lolo Fern and Lola Sher just running around like crazy. Far from parking areas, close to Coulonge river, there were many things to do and see. We walk by paths, gathering rocks, eating wild raspberries to our hearts content.

A walk around Doyle Street, it is a walking path along Fort Colounge River. 

We also visited Lolo Ferns sister - Aunt Elaine and Uncle Norbert. They have a property overlooking Fort Coulonge River. It was very nice, and lots of beautiful flowers and greens. I love the frontyard Heuchera collection and it is very well landscape. I learned from Aunt Elaine that Uncle Norbert build it among with family and friends. I wish I can say I will build my house too, because it is so awesome and personal.

The kids enjoy rolling down the hill and we played tag. We got a treat from Aunt Elaine, it was a chocolate popsicle. Who can resist that? Even Kieren eat the dripping chocolate. We also met Aunt Paulette at the residence, we chat  for short while, but then I am out again chasing the kids in the hill.

Karlina rolling down the hill - Aunt Elaine's backyard

Karlina having fun at Aunt Elaine's

Kieren with his classic giggle after he rolls down the hill and said "Again!" - Aunt Elaine's

The after being tuckered out running around the hill, we head out for dinner with Lolo Fern. We have fish and chips, it was so good. I wish I recall the name of the place, but it was near the gas station, and right across the cemetery. It was like 5 minutes away from the cottage, so I should be able to find it next time. The picnic table where we eat was nice and rustic, and has pebbles as we walk to it. Nothing like it in Ottawa, it was a very nice indie, rustic appeal.

Waiting for our dinner - the background shows a daycare of some sort, karlina was trying to climb the fence. LOL

Kieren after dinner - he was ready for another play time.

We came back to the cottage for bonefire - and it was nice. The smell of wood burning, feels like home to me. We roasted big chunk of marshmallows - smores? Don't know the canadian term for it, but karlina and kieren have sugar overload. In fact, we all have hard time sleeping as kieren and karlina bounce up and down.
The good news is - i was so tired keeping up where the left-over mashmallow was, and we left it outside. The animals get to yay! no more marshmallows, the next night will be normal.

The Saturday morning was nice, calm and sunny.

The kids enjoyed much of what Fort Coulonge river has to offer, life jackets on, we did enjoyed the river. Kids and their floaties and Kenneth was having a blast. He was riding the tube, pulled by Lolo Ferns SEADO!
karlina on deck - mudpie anyone?

Lolo Fern and the gang getting the SEADO ready for the day!  Fort Coulonge River

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Harvest: Mini cucumber, Provider Bush Bean

July 15, 2012

ottawa city ontario

just looking at my current harvest despite the drought:
Cucumber-mini white, and Beans - Provider (Bush) - organic from Seed Savers exchange. All of these are grown in pots.

The cucumbers were 2 -3 inches long, very good yield, karlina has a harvest basket here and each morning, she goes frontyard and backyard harvesting cucumbers and beans. She is an interesting toddler. Kieren love to eat the cucumber and so as kenneth. The fight begins.

Pepper-Little Blue. Lots of fruits coming up. I raise these peppers from seeds last winter and it is grown in a pot. worth every penny, I will plant this again next year. Little Blue is a HOT pepper.

Pepper-Medusa, small compact variety. Twisty medusa like fruits. Look at all the fruits, you can tell drought does not affect them. Planted in pots. CHILD SAFE and SWEET Pepper. 

2 mini cucumber in the vine, shortly before Karlina came in with here basket.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Drought Level 1 in Ottawa

 2 days i was gone from the garden. spending time with husband for a birthday gift. a break from whatever it is i am doing everyday. well, I can tell you i do not question whether i am sane or not. the fact that i have too many plants in my tiny backyard scream psycho, or therapist! and  i said, who needs it when you talk to plants, literally ...unless your neighbor hear you! "hi carrots, hows your day going? " uhmmm...move me under the umbrella please...and thank you.

  my birthday was july 11, it is drought in ottawa. no wonder i never grow tall, i was born in drought season, duh!

while it is nice to garden in pots, it is a pain. imagine individually watering at least 50 pots of random edible plants in my backyard?

well, i love what i do, i love plants.

anyone know of a good choreography for  rain dance?
 I tried yesterday, and the rain i felt is my own sweat..grrrrrrrrrrrrr...
how are your plants people?

mine are surviving, trust me they are all under the canopy.

i notice who loves the heat and thriving.

here they are: (yes, they are growing in my backyard here in ottawa city ontario canada)

basella rubra - a philippines spinach, aside from ear wigs munching it, she is growing fast.
all liliums blooming like crazy
coneflower...too early maybe\/ but i won't complain
lemon grass (Cymbopogon spp)
krachai, chinese ginger (Boesenbergia rotunda)
touch me not ( Impatiens balsamina) - the purple ones are full of flowers
beans - bush (provider variety by SSE) - the harvest was good for lunch and salads
sugarcane (Saccharum spp) who would have thought the canes will send leaves?
elephant ears (Colocasia esculenta) - all of them in 6 big pots are growing lovely. and oh, slugs, nails never ever touch them. hosta have holes, beans are ripped, coleus are like tattered flag, mint is eaten and so as marigolds, but NO ONE ever - ever eat the taro leaves. Imagine that, a perfect specimen.


tomatoes  and basil in pots - duh!

marigolds in pot - who knows they are almost giving up!
spinach (regal) - duh - earwigs eat them, then they bolt and flower
leeks - the flowers came out with just few leaves (eerrrr)
sweet potato in pots- she is hopeless and droopy even if i watered here
mint - yes the awesome invasive mint - she droops and needs CPR
Lemon Thyme - she wonders when rain drops ---- i told you my rain dance choreography did not work, maybe it was for sun dance, freaking hot today ...
summer squash - duh -- the vines are wilting ..anyone?

So --so and need watering constantly (daily) ...local perennials -- hosta, astilbe, heuchera, tiarella, primula, hardy hibiscus, eggplant, okra.

and i am still alive, waking up at 6am to water my plants.

what are you folks doing?

who want a zumba choreo for rain dance? 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Get Your Dance on with Zumba (GuestPost)

Get Your Dance on with Zumba!
Originating in Columbia, Zumba is a dance fitness program that people everywhere are raving about. Zumba has become so popular due to its personalization to any one person’s fitness level, age, or preference. It combines dance and resistance training and is a fun, low-impact routine for just about anyone. A daily Zumba routine can benefit even the most out of shape individual as well as the most experienced fitness buff.

Zumba Promotes Weight Loss
Zumba can burn 350 to 900 calories in just an hour long session. This number will depend on your body type, age, gender, and the intensity of the workout. By simply decreasing your caloric intake by 200, and burning an extra 300 calories at Zumba, you can potentially lose a pound per week. This gradual weight loss is the most effective form of weight loss and will ensure long-lasting results.

Zumba Targets Your Full Body
Since Zumba is comprised of dance moves, it provides a workout for your entire body. It has many benefits for hearth health, as it is an excellent cardio workout. Also, Zumba will engage everything from your head and neck to your legs and feet. The routine touches on just about every joint and muscle in your body. A good Zumba workout will hit every muscle group, while focusing on hips, abs, thighs, and butts.

Zumba is Easy to Learn
Even the most uncoordinated individuals can catch on to a Zumba routine. Some classes offer beginners courses that start off with smaller, slower dance moves. However, most people can effectively jump straight in to a Zumba class and pick it up fairly easily. Zumba instructors teach primarily with their body movements. Few words are necessary to communicate in this universal language of dance. The music and your instructors movements are all you need to get your Zumba on.

Zumba is FUN

While many work-out routines can be monotonous, you will never have to force yourself to go to a Zumba class. Zumba is fun for everyone. Not only does it get you moving, but attending Zumba class can be like a party. The people around you will be smiling and enjoying themselves as you all dance and have a great time, not even focusing on the work-out you are getting. You will find yourself looking forward to your Zumba classes and feeling more energized.

Zumba Can Change You
Not only will Zumba give you life and energy, but Zumba will ignite a passion and confidence you probably didn’t know you possessed. Once you get the routine down, you will be amazed at the confidence you feel while gliding through your Zumba routine. A mixture of this confidence and the body movements will bring out your passionate side. You will notice a change in every aspect of your life. Zumba truly is a work-out for your mind, body, and spirit.

While many work-out routines can promise results, not many have the added benefits that you will experience with Zumba. This routine can change your life. You will find yourself picking up the routines quickly and eagerly awaiting your next Zumba class. In the meantime, your body will be burning calories and toning up, right before your eyes. It’s no wonder this dance fitness routine is taking the world by storm.

Diana Kroger loves to exercise, particularly if it involves dancing.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Liliums Blooming

not sure what kinds or what they are called. I got these 2 years ago and randomly plant them. They are huge, taller than our fence which is about 6-7 feet.

But hey, i am happy with them, no complains here.

wednesday july 11, 2012 BLOOMING LILIUMS
colors range from deep red, pink, yellow, orange and cream with dots.