Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Plants, Fruits and Tress

Avocado tree in the backyard. The fruit looks green, it will turn purple when ripe.

A banana tree in my backyard. The fruit will turn yellow when ripe.

Cleaned Nangka Fruit, ready for eating. Can be chilled too before serving.

I will eat this one now.

Victoria cutting the ripe nangka fruit. It smells so good.

Frontyard: Nangka , also known as Jackfruit

A dwarf cocunut in our front yard. So easy to get young coconut for buko salad.

and mature coconut for dishes with coconut milk.

DAY 19, June 23, 2009 Tuesday

we cleared this trees and plants yesterday at highway 54
papa and uncle boys land

breakfast - rice with eggplant
lunch - rice with noddles
dinner - rice with pork and mixed veggies...


i spend hours in the net cafe, updating this blog, replying to emails...and chatting with Rob....

DAY 18, June 22, 2009, MONDAY

at the shrine of mother mary

Sunday - lighting our family candle
-- worked at the Highway 54 land for the day, cut some of the mahoganys
mom and dad, mila and kila went with me
-- i bought lamp shade
-- i was able to load smart bro in badian
-- chat with Rob at midnight...very happy to see Karlina
breakfast - rice with mongo and fried fish
lunch - rice with dried fish and mongo
dinner - rice with fish

DAY 17, June 21, 2009 Sunday

This is the inherited land by my father and Uncle Gil.
We spend our Sunday cleaning this area.

kenny strikes a pose with his ultra violet shades

**** events of the day*** IT RAINED AT 6pm onwards
-- light a candle at the church at 10 am
-- bought a violet shades for Kenneth
-- attended the 4:30 pm mass which is in English to my surprise
-- spend the noon clearing the land
-- chat with Rob till 8:30 pm

breakfast - rice with adobong kangkong, and banana hearts with cocunut milk
lunch - none
dinner - rice with kinilaw na talong (eggplant)

DAY 16, June 20, 2009, SATURDAY

This is the new flip flop that we bought for Kenny.

This is our sleeping quarters, me and Kenny
***events of the day***
spend time with kenny reading his books
started using the air conditioning unit in the room

Day 15, June 19, 2009 Friday

Dog in the House....

Cat in the house
*** memories in the closet***
i gave away all my remaining clothes in the house
i know I will never be able to wear a skirt with 24 inches waistline
i gave my elementary graduation dress to victoria, for his daughter apet

Monday, June 22, 2009

DAY 14, June 18, 2009 Thursday

Second, we smoke the coconut flesh until golden brown. Once it reached golden brown, it is now a copra, and we sell it to the middlemen that will also sell them to big processors of coconut oil. In Badian Cebu, this copra was sold at 18 pesos per kilo.

The process of making copra, the raw material for petroleum products such as motor oil and cooking oil I think.

First, the coconut fruit is broken in half and the flesh is taken out.

***events of the day***

== got the 10,000 pesos from Rob
== give the 2,000 pesos to mama for one sack of rice, about 48 kilograms of it.
== 3,000 to mila (laundry,cook, all around help at the house, and assist with kenny)
== reload 300 pesos for prepaid cellphone text

DAY 13, June 17, 2009 WEDNESDAY

Birthday girl MJ (Bolitoy;s Daughter) and Kenneth

Birthday Girl MJ and Cousin Eboy

Papa was so amuse with Kenny's enthusiasm to photograph the family.

== we make copra, the raw material for cooking oil and petroleum related products. It is from mature coconut flesh.

== breakfast is bittermelon with egg (palea with egg) with rice

== lunch is mix vegetables with rice
== dinner was noodles and some boiled chicken with rice

== Bolitoy's daughter MJ turned 3 years old.

== went to internet cafe

== visited Uncle Luthgardo and Aunt Rufina

== invited them for dinner, Bolitoys celebration

DAY 12, June 16, 2009 Tuesday

SugarCane Plant in my backyard...a lonely one!

This is what I look like in the morning..... in our living room. I am talking to Rob over the phone on the other end of the world. I miss you, my love!

=== morning chat with Rob in the internet, with all my family curious to see him on web cam

=== spend the day updating my blog

=== publish Kenny's photography and some of my own

Monday, June 15, 2009

The world according to Kenneth

Cousin Apet, (7 years old) daughter of Angel III and Victoria.

Tita Vicvic (Victoria Angel III's wife) 9 months pregnant...

ready to deliver anytime soon...

Angel III kids (cousin Jay R and cousin Eboy), Tita Mila's daughter (Kimberly 11years old) and Kenny.

Uncle Bolitoy....Angelito Singson

Here is the campfire.... a favorite kids past time.....

The campfire begins.....The dried coconut leaves starts to burn...

kids gather around.

The dried coconut leaves.....

The cornfield in the front yard....

Kenny took lots of pictures of the world around him.

DAY 11, June 15, 2009 MON - Kennys Photography

The corn plantation with the coconut trees in the background.

Young coconut seedlings, waiting to be planted.

The coconut trees in the background, while I am cleaning the coconut palms for firewood.

The tamarind tree, right in our front yard with a bird house.

The fruit of a tamarind tree, "sambag" in Cebuano language. To eat the fruit, you have to crack the brown shell and eat the fruit inside. Soury taste! The tree is in our front yard.

The clothes line, after Mila manually washed our dirty clothes from Cebu City.

Robert's MotorBike Honda 155CC TMX with Kenny. This is the first acquisition of soon-to-be Angel Express.

DAY 11, June 15, 2009 Monday

Mama in the background gathering the fallen coconut leaves from the neighborhood.

I am cleaning the coconut palm, but cutting the dead leaves off the hard woody part.

I chopped the woody part in pieces of about 2 feet long using a sharp big knife, we called it "sundang " in our language. It is sharpened manually using a stone sharpener.

Kimberly and Eboy gathered the chopped woods and bring it to the dirty kitchen.

This is the kitchen where we cook our food daily. Inset a boiling pot, with the firewoods below.

(2nd day in Badian)

=== breakfast. beans with rice;
lunch squash with coconut milk and rice;
dinner eggplant with egg and rice

=== mila washed our dirty clothes
=== it rained again at 12 noon, and very windy
=== chat with Rob via long distance over my cellphone, he returned my DOA netbook to Staples business depot.

=== after the wind, the old leaves(coconut palms) of coconut feel down and we gather these for firewood

=== Kenny decided to take pictures of the process of gathering firewood:
1. Mama gathers the coconut palms
2. I cleaned the palms, and cut it to about 2 feet long
3. the kids gather the sticks and put it in the dirty kitchen
4. we burned the dry leaves to clean up our mess
5. kids enjoy the big camp fire until the fire runs out

=== Kenny also decided to take pictures of all the cousins, and dogs and scenery.

DAY 10, June 14,2009 SUNDAY


=== still staying at Mango Park Hotel, and will check out at 12 noon.
=== wake up to chat with Rob over MSN Live Messenger (video and voice chat)probably the newest competition for long distance companies.
=== Kenny discovered pogo and played pogo Bowling and Poppit
=== Samsoy arrived with Ann and Sam
=== Kenny and Samsoy have buffet breakfast at the hotel
=== Kenny and Samsoy invade the swimming pool again...

=== We checked out, and go over to Ann's apartment for lunch.
=== It rained again...then Sam drive us to Librando Terminal despite the pouring rain
=== We took Librando Bus to a 3 hour bus ride to Badian
=== We went to Badian Market to buy dinner. We ate mixed vegetables and rice for dinner.

DAY 9, June 13, 2009 Saturday

=== still staying at Mango Park Hotel (2nd day)
=== I wake up at 2 am to have a video chat with Rob and Karlina. Was happy and sad at the same time, because i missed both of them.
=== I asked Mila to bring Kenny to the city (3 hour bus ride from Badian)
=== Kenny and Samsoy played ....with Sams computer in their apartment.
=== Kenny and Samsoy swam at the swimming pool
=== It rained again and my plan to go to Mactan for church failed again. I also wanted to visit Maam Lyn at Lopez Jaena Street.
=== I walked to Robinsons Foodarama area, where I bought barbecue for dinner.

=== It rained again, so i was walking in a dirty, mushy, slippery, sidewalk.