Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kieren: 21 Days old ~~ And Tita Belle Saves the Bell~~

June 30, 2010 WED - Kieren turned 21 days old.

Kieren turned 21 days old and he is very good baby. He eat, sleep, poop and eat again. And yes, he enjoys drinking breast milk, he is very good at that. He sort of vomit it, and some comes out of his nose.

Rob and I are in the middle of arguing about the breast pump, ah not really. Total disclosure i think, its like reading the fine print in every contract, which I don't do. Just read the basics, and its all the usual routine.
I just basically blurt out that I do not want to make decisions anymore. Life would be easier that way.

I got the 2 loads of half dried laundry courtesy of the black out last night. Oh well, life.

We confirmed that we gonna join the Kelly clan reunion on July 3rd at Shawville. I love events, but preparing for such is nightmare. Hope I do not get stress out.

Belle came over after lunch time, bringing some food. It was nice not to prepare anything. She is a kind of friend who can deal with Robs crazy antics.

We chit chat till afternoon, and it was good. Belle offered to take Kenny to Bible camp for July 21-23, and I said yes. Oh well, he better be off my case and enjoy some other kids.


Kieren: 20 days old ~~ And we Visit Dr. Chadha Again~~

TUE June 29, 2010 - Kieren is 20 days old.

We visit Dr. Chadha today to check on Kieren's jaundice. He is still a little bit of jaundice, but he is also growing well. All in all, he is in good health.

We have a visit from Tessie and she brought some noddles, mongo beans and fish. I am very happy to see some Filipino food. We let Kenny and Jessica play at Trappers Park, and Kenny played soccer at 4pm.

Blackout at 10 pm, Rob and I were trying to find candles in the dark, and my 2 loads of laundry was left in the middle of drying cycle.

It will be exciting to see wet laundry tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kieren: 19 Days Old ~~And Summer Begins~~

June 28, 2010 MON - Kieren is 19 days old.

Its lazy Monday, I sleep in till noon. Kieren is a good sleeper, and very quite kid.

Kenny has swimming at 3pm and it ended at 4pm. I let them play for 30 minutes at the Sawmill Park after swimming.

We came home and have supper. I went to Produce Depot for watermelon.

At night, I also went to Walmart to buy cola  and juice.
I took a shower before I went to bed.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Kieren: 18 Days Old ~~And Megatron Rules the House~~

SUNDAY, June 27, 2010 - Kieren turned 18 days old

Lazy Sunday, the kids sleep in and so did I.
Kieren also finished the first pack of Pampers - box of 92 pieces.
He is feeding very well, and sleeping in between feedings. He is growing right before my very own eyes.

At 2pm, we decided to go to Walmart to pick up some Cat Litter, and some groceries. And of course, Kenny got to pick up one toy. It took him so long, more than 30 minutes to decide which toy to pick. And the big, noisy Megatron from Transformers comes home with us.

Within that 30 minutes, Karlina starts fusing that I need to open a bottle of Gatorade for her. Kieren starts fussing too, so I end up breastfeeding in the middle of electronics section.

We come home, all happy, all in complete pieces. Daddy cooked dinner for us, and we decided to come out for a play in our big backyard.

Karlina tried a tricycle, courtesy of our neighbor at 2710 Saratoga  and enjoyed it, until she falls off because she was so tired. We all enjoyed the outdoors, and daddy carried Karlina home.

It was a very nice day and I am happy. :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kieren: 17 Days Old ~ Mommy got a New Haircut~

June 26, 2010 SAT, Kieren turned 17 days old.

The day started with rain, and it was not so good. The playtime in the backyard got delayed.

Auntie Tracy and Uncle Roy drop off some items for Kieren. Nathan, Tracys son is now 3 months old, so they have way too much stuff.  We played in the backyard too.

Nanny Karen drop off the new car seat, but we never got to see her, because we were in the backyard.

Karlina seems to be super sensitive, and she got red rashes in her diaper area. We tried lots of Vaseline and Corn Starch. I hope it works.

Mommy got a new hair-cut: the undercut style circa 1990s. It's convinient because i have a super thick hair that will take more than 30 minutes drying. Well, easy dry, easy to manage. My hubby help me fix the haircut. I am happy.

Bleeding: i am still bleeding lightly. oh well.
Feeding:  Kieren feeds regularly and is a very happy boy.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kieren: 16 Days Old ~~ Uncle Ron and Patrick Visits Moi~~

Friday: June 25, 2010 Kieren is 16 days old
Today, Kieren turned 16 days old. He feeds very well and regular bowel and urine.  He is very good boy, he feeds, sleep and very content.

I did some grocery today, Kenny came with me and we got a big watermelon. We stop by at the park to feed Kieren and Karlina went for a stroll, and chase the gulls.

Ron and Patrick arrived after lunch, and I was able to load one laundry.
They ordered pizza for dinner and treat us.

We all came to see Kenny play soccer, Patrick was our official driver.
We have a fun family day, Ron and Patrick came to watch Kenny play soccer with the Gloucester Dragons.

Very fun day and we all came out and enjoy the nice weather.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kieren: 15 Days Old ~~Kenny's Last Day of School~~

June 24, 2010 - Kieren is 15 days old (THUR) St. John The Baptist Day

This morning, I washed Kieren's full head of hair and his belly button. He is such a growing boy.

I am still bleeding lightly and I feel very tired. I seem to feel down and just wanting to sleep all day. I really wanted a hair cut and it seems I cannot seem to get the right timing.

We cancelled Kennys swimming because Ron is coming, but he postponed it for tomorrow.

It's 10 pm and I guess I should call it a day.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kieren: 14 Days old ~~ The Big Backyard Picnic~~

June 23, 2010 WED - Kieren is 14 days old.

We went to see Dr. Chadha today for Kierens two week visit. He weight 3440 grams. He is still a little jaundice, so we have to come back on Tuesday to check it out.

We were so hungry that we got Harveys burger for lunch. We have  a big backyard picnic under the sun. The weather is very nice, and Karlina enjoyed chasing the gulls (seagulls) i think.

We stayed home after, and Rob pick up Kenny from Sawmill Creek.
It is a quite night and staying home, laid back and played computer games.

Kieren is happy breastfeed.

My sore neck is still there, but its getting better now.
Karlina eats lots of blueberries, cheese and crackers.

I eat a lot mostly lettuce, cheese, berries.

We also ate corn in a cob, looks like its corn season again. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kieren: 13 Days ~~ A Trip to Ottawa International Airport~~

June 22, 2010 Tuesday: Kieren turned 13 days old today.

It is a nice day, so I took Kenny to his bus stop with Kieren and Karlina on the double stroller.

We come home, and get ready to come with Daddy at the airport. Daddy have to hand in his forms for paternity leave. It was fun day.

Karlina poured water on herself, so we end up buying a new outfit for her: Ottawa Senators dress. We bus home.

Daddy cooked some dinner, and he also came out to pick up Kenny while mommy folds the laundry from yesterday.

I loaded 2 loads of laundry again, because laundry will be close for cleaning tomorrow.

I also enrolled Kenneth to summer programs: soccer (Tuesdays) and swimming (Mondays).

Karlina woke up at about 9pm, and i played with her till 11 pm. She decided to call it a night at about 11pm. I hope she will sleep through the night.

Rob sleep at 9pm, so hope he gets well rested. He sleep very little today.

Kieren: 12 Days Old ~~ Nice Day at the Backyard~~

June 21, 2010 Monday - Kieren is 12 days old.

It was a nice day, so I took Kieren and Karlina out. First, we shop for fresh fruits at Produce Depot and then we played at the dock pond. Karlina enjoyed exploring; she tried touching the prickly pine leaves and gathered pine cones, and she also chased the seagulls lingering around the dock pond.

I have 2 loads of kids laundry going and Rob picked up the dry ones.

We came home, and we cooked the corn in a cob. Karlina also fall for her afternoon nap.

At 5pm, I took Kieren with me to Sawmill Creek in order to pick up Kenny. I brought some corn for Kenny's dinner and let him have some time to play at the  Sawmill Creek Park.

I was sitting under the shade with Kieren while Kenny enjoyed playingon the big slide. About 7pm, we head home, and Kenny has his shower.

Bleeding: At 12 days after deliver, I am still bleeding lightly.

Stiff Neck: I have this nasty stiff neck, and it does not seem to get away.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kieren: 11 days old ~~ Fathers Day 2010~~

June 20, 2010 Sunday

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads and grandads.

We have a rough night, Karlina seems to be pretty up allnighter.
We were invited from brunch at Dad and Sher and that was good. I have the luxury of really just sitting down and chatting for a bit.

Rob has great milestone: 3 of them actually.
1. Kieren responded to his voice and turned his head towards daddy.
2. Karlina learned to understand little bit of words: When daddy said, " Karlina, please come give daddy a kiss". She come running to daddy and give him a kiss.
3. Kenny learning the importance of holidays like this: greeted his dad, a Happy Fathers Day.

I gave Rob a card, have not shop really.

We brought our gifts for VJ, and Dads birthday. It was fun. Thanks to Sher who saved the day.

We come home, all tired and went to sleep. :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kieren: 10 days old ~~Umbilical Cord Has Fallen~~

June 19, 2010 Saturday

Kieren turned 10 days old today. His umbilical cord has falled off.

I also bought a new double stroller today. It is a Graco Quattro Tour 2 Duo, in French Roast. Very nice stroller actually, lots of rave and reviews. I like the fact that the new baby can totally lie flat on the first seat, while Karlina has a five point harness on the front. My little princess seems to wiggle all the time and I am afraid she will fall flat on her face one day. So this lovely stroller will probably keep her safe.

The picture above is from Graco Canada website.
It cost about $299 plus tax at Babies R Us. The front cup holders can also be replace with a car seat adopter, so you can put two car seats when you have twins.

The car seat for this model are Graco's Snugride or Safeseat. The car seats just locked into the cup holders of the first seat.

The storage compartment has this amazing feature where you can pull it down, in order for you to easily grab your stash, even when baby seat is fully reclined.

This strollers has probably the most cupholders that i've known. There is two on the handle bars, two on the baby seat, and two on the toddler seat; that's 6 cup holders in one stroller.
My coffee, my gatorade...LOL. It also has a zippered pouch for shaped for my sunglasses. Pretty Neat!
Geez, this stroller is much for me, not just for the kids.

We also have a visit from the moving company for a qoute. It is 85/hr to move us, with 2 person moving and 3rd is driver/assistant. We were told that it may take us 4 to 5 hours to do the move, and we signed in. Might as well, so one thing is done!

Today, Tessie is hosting a party for Jessica, but it rained on us, so we stayed home.

Rob finally sleep long enough today about 9 hours. Hope his Fathers Day tomorrow will be nice!:)

Kieren: 9 days old ..... and the Stress of the New Parents

June 18, 2010 FRIDAY

Kieren turned 9 days old today. Last night, he rolled over twice, probably because he is a small baby and easy to roll.

We also had a visit with the Ottawa Public Health Nurse to check on us and our new baby. Her name is Suzanne.

She checked me for signs of post partum depression and I answered a questionaire. Rob mentioned that they should also check  for the  fathers because they undergo changes as well.
These are the changes that fathers tackle as the mother gave birth to a new baby: no sex for six (6) weeks, constant crying of the baby, sleeplessness, taking care of the household,  and taking care of older siblings?
How many men easily adopt to new routine?
Can anyone cope with these changes without depression?

She checked our baby's general well being: my feeding skills, she actually looked  at how Kieren is latching on my breast. Good thing that Kieren made a perfect show and we pass with flying colors.

She checked Kieren's weight and we found out that  is back to his wieght at birth  3030 grams. She also have his discharge weight from QCH which is 2815 grams.

She discuss on SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and mentioned that smoking is a factor in SIDS. It did not sit well on Rob who is a smoker, but well, I guess she is just doing a checklist.

She also checked on home safety, and she notice that we get an F. Kieren was sleeping on the soft diaper change pad on top of a playpen with lots of pillows to elevate him. I can't really bend well, because my uterus is still contracting, so he has to be elevated somehow.

Tell me, how many newborn babies actually sleep on their crib? Most mothers I know of, the baby normally sleep in bed with them, and of course, it is not safe again in the name of SIDS.

In China, where population is the highest, where does baby sleep?

Well, in general, the nurse actually are very helpful with our questions and we really appreciate that.

But also, how many parents feel that "we are being judge with our parenting skills on our very vulnerable moment?"
Imagine just few days out of the hospital still bleeding, and being questioned, and taught things about babies and mother?
Do you feel intimidated?
Do you think anything get through my head?

Many mom's survive on auto pilot on the first few weeks. Instinct. And I hope they base their reports on these factors, not just what is seen there. If a messy house is indicative of parenting skills, I already failed.

At the end of the day, I decided to buy a bassinet for Kieren to sleep. I was happy that the seller agreed to deliver it to me, and now I am using it.

~~~The picture above is a file photo from Sears Catalog. Mine is the same with color with Safari Prints.~~~

Rob and I mentioned to the nurse that we will get a crib in the next two month, because we are moving to a townhouse. But she said, right now, we need something better for Kieren to sleep on. So, I guess, the baby safety while sleeping...I failed on that too. But beginning Friday night, we passed. LOL

At the end of the nurse visit, she mentioned that our file will be close and no more nurse visits to us. Maybe, overall, we demonstrate capacity to take care of ourselves and our 3 kids. Thank you.

At the end of the visit, we both get so tired, we eat, and then went back to nap, including Karlina.

Kenneth my 5 years old plays with the Gloucester Dragons at 6:30pm and Rob took him to the game. Father and son had fun, and it was all good.

Karlina and Kieren stayed with me. 


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kieren: 8 Days old

June 17, 2010: Thursday

Kieren is 8 days old.

We have a good night rest, Karlina sleeps nights.
The weather is nice too.

Daddy took Kenny to swimming lesson. Kenny gets easily excited, and he things everything is play. Well, I hope he improves.

Kenny went to school at 1pm, and went to afterschool at Sawmill Creek.
I pick up Kenny and we have supper. Oh, today I manage to cook chicken and mash potato. My husband said he liked the chicken. Wow! I must have improved my hit and miss cooking style.

He went to bed after eating and so as Kieren, so I took Kenny and Karlina to play ball at the backyard. We came home about 8pm, Karlina took a bath, and Kenny on his routine.

It was a pleasant day, sure pass by quick but fun memories. Kieren starts smilling when I talk to him. He opens his cute eyes too.

:) Thank you Lord for the beautiful day..and blessings to my family.

Kieren: 7 Days Old (June 16, 2010)

Wednesday: June 16, 2010

Kieren turned 7 days old today, and he is such a strong boy. He can push back himself, and he moves a lot. He feeds regularly between 2 to 3 hours interval.

He also have his first doctors appointment today. He gained his birthweight to my delight, and he is very healthy. We went to Dr. Chadha at Southbank Medical, because he is also Kenneth and Karlina's doctor. We were given sample of D Visol, because he needed Vitamin D as I am breastfeeding him.

Karlina also has her 15 month Vaccine shot. It was administered in both arms and poor girl cried. And the next vaccine will be at 18 months.

It was a rainy day, so we got home and soaking wet about 3pm.
We spend the rest of the day indoors because we just get exhausted over the walk to the doctors.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kieren: 6 Days Old

Kieren is 6 days old. 

Today was another day at home. I wake up about 8am, and I have severe pain, like a labor pain in the maternity.  I still have my Tylenol and Advil medication from the hospital and I took it and it helps. I tend to overlook these medications when I get home because its a busy schedule between feeding and trying to get some sleep.
Kieren regularly feeds in 2-3 hours interval. My breast was so engorge, (too much milk supply) that it is very painful and hard. Last Sunday, I rented a breast pump from a Lactation Consultant to empty the excess milk. I also did hot shower to release the milk, and cold cabbage to ease the swelling. Today, it is allmost alright, but still rock solid.

I walked Kenneth to his bus stop at 12:45 noon, and came home. Rob's mom visited us with lots of food, which really help because I am not capable of cooking yet.

We picked up Kenneth at Sawmill Creek afterschool program at 6pm, and we have a happy picnic at the park. Kenneth and Karlina enjoyed it very much and run around the whole time. Karlina can be handful, because she climb fearlessly on any structure. We enjoyed the day....and so as Kieren. I manage to use the double stroller. It was a great day!

Kieren: Born 9 June 2010

My son Kieren arrived earlier than the expected 4th of July. He decided to come out on 9th of June, which makes him premature at 36 weeks. However, in Gods grace, he is very healthy and we came home after 3 days in the hospital.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Amazing Tuesday! Amazing June!

Karlina woke up at 3 am, and was running around the house by 6am to my husbands disappointment. He worked overnight and was hoping to have a little bit of down time, before going to bed, but it seems to be not the case.
He was happy with the case of beer delivered last night.

Karlina is over her ear infection, and the last dose of amoxicilyn was last Sunday, May 30, 2010. 

Weather is mild, very moderate and nice to go out, but it rained, so we stayed in. Karlina went back to bed at about 9am, so I went to bed too. We got up at about 1pm, just in time to get ready for Kenny;s CHEO dental appointment. Sher gave us a drive, so we are very grateful, and she had us over for supper...home made pizza yummy.

The appointment went well, the dental assistant was so nice to us, and Kenny dental surgery healed properly. There is another work that needs to be done, 2 teeth needs fill, and which is scheduled on June 15,2010 at 8:45am.
This makes my day, my son's teeth is finally fixed. 

Yesterday, Monday 31 May, we looked at the townhome at 2634 SouthDown, and we liked it. We are set to move to a new garden home on August 1, 2010.

We are all excited to have a backyard and have a basement as the kids playroom.

Today Rob's work schedule with Commissionaires is from 6pm to 6am tomorrow.