Monday, April 4, 2016

ipomea batata ( sweet potato)

In nov 2015, i put this sweet potato tuber in a small pot of soil. So, the idea was to take the slips for planting. it has grown into a tall 6 foot houseplant, maybe more. I have to start cutting the slips and get them ready in pots. 

I got this tuber from an organic farmer in a stand right accross the Parkdale market. He is farmer from from Gananoque area (1). It was not the actual Parkdale market, but it was that market just right accross Starbucks on the weekends. We were walking from Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) and I just cross the street. It was about 3pm and they were already packing. I was so lucky to find this stand. The tuber is yellow flesh and sweet.

ottawa, ontario, canada.
april 4, 2016


1. ) Gananoque-

Ipomea Aquatica ( water spinach)

the Ipomea aquatica seems to enjoy being soaked for 12 hours. and the little roots cane out. im very happy, i will have lots of I. aquatica this summer.

This was soaked within the last 3 days, so I hope to transfer these in a small pot. 

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
April 4, 2016