Monday, February 18, 2013

Rock Climbing Fun with Friends and Photographers

Rock climbing!

We have the honor of having a meet up with the local Ottawa Photographers for a Photo Session at Vertical Reality on Jan. 27, 2013.  We have model guest as well, which make it more diverse.

I have fun, totally I gained new insights about modeling: it is a tough job! But it get's done and rewarding.

Like rock climbing, it is not for everyone. You can get hurt. You can fall. You can die.  But the best part of it, the sport is pure, just you and the rocks. And isn't life about a rock and a hard place?
My son joined me, he did few bouldering shoots and like me, he thinks the rock and a hard place is a peaceful place to be.

Special thanks for the organizers: Mike Giovinazzo
  and the photographers who survived the chalky atmosphere, and crazy rock climbers.
Links to the pictures:

Some of the ones I downloaded:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fine Saturday ( Chinese Dragon Dance and Winterlude)

I have experience seasonal depression and i hate to admit it, but its true. It seems each cold day, my motivation to do stuff need a push.

Today is a different day, i promise my kids to take them out.

We went to the dragon dance in chinatown and we watch the winterlude downtown. we invited friends over to play with my kids.

Looking at the pictures I took yesterday, I feel better today. Now, bring on the laundry!