Saturday, January 30, 2010

Karlina: More Walking, less crawling

January 28, 2010

Karlina will turn one year old next month, and she is walking now. She relies on her balance now, and she is so funny, when she tries to raise her hand up when she need to balance herself.

Today, we went out of our door and she push the little truck (a yellow school bus) up and down the hall.

Its amazing how she enjoyed it for couple of times.

Diet wise: she can eat one banana in one setting.
she likes yougourt
she likes bread and cheese
she eats the Gerber Toddles Graduate: peach, banana, strawberry

She loves to eat rice!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Karlina - First Step and Walking 11 months

Karlina took the first step on December 26, 2009, Tuesday.  She was standing by the kitchen, holding on the garbage can. She was about to open the garbage can when Rob told her "no" and she started to cry. She let go of the garbage can and took two steps towards me, standing by the refrigerator.

Since then, her balance improve overtime. At 11 months, she would lean her back on the couch and started to clap while watching TV.

She also starts to dance when she hears dance tunes.

She loves to chew on our cellphones.

She chases the cats around the house.

She rides the vacuum.

She loves to eat fruits like melon, oranges, strawberry, grapes.

She loves to eat grapefruit, even if she makes the sour - ish face.

The picture below last Christmas, showing Karlina eating an orange.