Friday, May 31, 2013

Cucumber (Burpless) Lebanese Type

May 31, 2013
Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada

Two days ago, I went for a walk along Loblaws and check the seeds isle. I know my cucurbits did not do well, and I am so sure what to do with myself and all the plans I have of having a jungle in my backyard this year.

So, I picked up some more Cucumber. It said 55 days, so if we say its approximate days to fruit, around July 25, I will have cucumber fruits. Maybe, just a fruit...not yet ready to harvest? I know, I have this doubt that it maybe too late for direct seeding. But then, maybe it is the start of it. Who knows? I never mastered this ottawa let's hope and pray.

the packet says " great tasting cucumber from middle east, plants bear fruits of 15 cm (6 inches). plant seed directly". So maybe, this is the one we can find in the grocery stores, package of 6 of them?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mushrooms anyone?

May 29, 2013
Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada

I used to gather mushrooms after rain and thunder in the Philippines. I found these mushrooms under the tree, here in Canada in my backyard. I love to cook these with mint and chives, but still - I am not sure if these are edible. Anyone knows?

Columbine - Yellow

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
May 24, 2013

                                                Yellow columbine in Winn's garden.

I save the seeds around Fall 2012.  My winter sown  seeds are half way there. I think they will not flower this year, but maybe next year. So here is me hoping...for a nice yellow flower like this one:)

Sage Tricolor

Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada
May 24, 2013

                                 I really like this plant, and I like to keep this inside until winter.:)

I will take some cuttings and see if this will root in water.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Spring is Here! Version 2

May 24, 2013
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I seriously think spring is finally here. It is now raining for the week and my perennials are slowly growing back to life.

Previously,  after the snow melted, the temperature climbed to 22 C and everyone screamed summer - that is including me. The gardening season looks weird, as I meditate when to plant beans, and when I did, the nice were so frosty, that it was frozen and looks awful.

Finally, the second week of May, rain come in and life came back, and so as the dirt in my fingernails. I said dirt, not chalk dust from rock climbing, but real dirt (black gold).

So, I found $20 yesterday, and I thought I can buy happiness with it. At least....if it last for the whole summer season, then happiness for a price tag of $20.

Here is what I got from my $20 price tag  of happiness.

Coleus "Honey Crisp"

Coleus Stained Glassworks "Luminesce"

Coleus Stained Glassworks "Eruption"

SAGE, Tri-color

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seedlings For Sale

1.) $3 · Seedlings: Basella rubra and Basella alba

 (Tropical Spinach)

For sale: Basella alba, Basella rubra (tropical spinach)
1 plant per pot = $3

This is a unique heirloom climbing spinach, very common in the Philippines.
We call this plant alugbati. It is edible, and safe for children and pets.

i planted some in my garden last year, and i have decent harvest despite the heat wave. Heat loving, climbing spinach. Something edible to cover an ugly fence as well.

I am a home gardener in the South Keys area, who love to garden using organic and heirloom seeds. I originally acquired these seeds last year, and tested in my backyard garden.

All pictures here are of my plants in my own garden.

2. ) For sale: Organic, Heirloom Miniature White Cucumber Seedlings
(one seedling per pot) -$3 each

I am a home gardener in the South Keys area, who love to garden using organic and heirloom seeds. I originally acquired these seeds last year, and tested in my backyard garden. Crisp 2-3 inches long white cucumber, very unique. 

I have save my seeds, and I germinated more than enough for my small garden. You will not find these heirloom seedlings at the garden center, so here is your chance to plant something organic, heirloom in your garden. 

it is miniature, so mine was planted in 5 gallon buckets with a tomato trellis. 

The pictures are of my own plant from last year. 

Needs hardening, I would not plant this yet. I'd say last week of May, so reserve yours now. 


Monday, May 20, 2013

Victoria Day Weekend - and the Cucurbits are Out!

Ottawa City, ON, Canada

Victoria day weekend!
i'm tired after the day's work in the garden!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I am a walking seed bomb!

May 13, 2013
Ottawa, ON,Canada

I was cold yesterday - frost ...nipped some tomatoes. i think i left one pot of Rio Grande outside and it looks doing well. The one inside,'s attacked by the cat, and end up dead anyways.

So,  I have lots of seeds, and lots of empty lots around me. I don't really know who own these area's ..but nobody came and took care of these empty spaces.

So, I took my chances and plant some of the "baby boomer" potatoes there from the Little Potato Company. I also planted Romano beans, hoping it will just climb by the fence.

I am a walking seed bomb, just yesterday, I drop few too by the edges of the park.
Hopefully, if the creatures need food, they won't come to my garden, but check around them first. Hope they like beans!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pefferlaw Premium Potting Soil

Mothers Day 2013
Ottawa, ON, Canada

I did received the soil last week, but never got the chance to use it right away. I know, i was contemplating on which bucket would I used this mix. I am picky with mix that is why I make my own most of the time. You are familiar with mine: compost 1/3 and perlite 1/3 and topsoil 1/3 which works for my container veggie and herbs.

Today, Mothers Day - I decided to open the potting mix. To my surprise, this one looks pre-mixed, with the same ingredients that i needed. perlite, compost, some coarse compost -- so I decided to plant 2 of the strawberries in this mix and one with my regular mix.

I was very happy, playing dirt on Mothers Day! I could have ask my husband to buy me dirt for mother's day instead in anything else. My kids enjoyed the day for us in the backyard.

What a great moment to celebrate Mothers Day!
Thank you for the package Adrienne of Pefferlaw Peat.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Plumber of the Day: Sometimes, Life Stinks!

Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada
May 7, 2013

For two weeks now, the plunger does not work anymore. It just cause a leaky pipe, of course, put pressure on a blocked pipe --- really, really blocked, you won't get anything done!

After eating lunch, I gathered all the old, throw away rugs under the sink and you got a plumber!

3 pennies
2 popsicle sticks
rubber bands
broken glass
bunch of goo
bunches of hair
and lots of stink

With limited tools, I manage to remove the above mentioned objects.

Sometimes, life stinks...really bad!

Failure by Design? The cache of go, and more stink is found here.

Double sink: a blessing and a curse!

Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013
Ottawa, ONtario, Canada

Days are really hot now, like summer and we miss spring. Many plants are out, but then..they get sunburned right away.

here are some of the first few plants for 2013, as I start from ground zero again.
Pineapple Mint

Scarlet Runner Beans

Dioscorea alata

Dioscorea alata

Dioscorea alata (white yam, ube)

Golden Lemon Thyme

Fried Greem Tomatoes from Amanda L. (a 5 gal pot) 

Basil : companion plant of my Tomato

BBQ companion: Parsely, Sage, ----, Thyme

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Coleus 2013

May 1,2013
Ottawa City, ONtario, Canada

I did plant tons of coleus seeds last year, but not this year. I just seeded the ones I collected from my garden, hoping this will give me good coleus.

A good mix I have last year, with bees busy - so you may never know.

Some cuttings I acquired : Henna and Peter Wonder.