Monday, April 4, 2016

ipomea batata ( sweet potato)

In nov 2015, i put this sweet potato tuber in a small pot of soil. So, the idea was to take the slips for planting. it has grown into a tall 6 foot houseplant, maybe more. I have to start cutting the slips and get them ready in pots. 

I got this tuber from an organic farmer in a stand right accross the Parkdale market. He is farmer from from Gananoque area (1). It was not the actual Parkdale market, but it was that market just right accross Starbucks on the weekends. We were walking from Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) and I just cross the street. It was about 3pm and they were already packing. I was so lucky to find this stand. The tuber is yellow flesh and sweet.

ottawa, ontario, canada.
april 4, 2016


1. ) Gananoque-

Ipomea Aquatica ( water spinach)

the Ipomea aquatica seems to enjoy being soaked for 12 hours. and the little roots cane out. im very happy, i will have lots of I. aquatica this summer.

This was soaked within the last 3 days, so I hope to transfer these in a small pot. 

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
April 4, 2016

Monday, February 22, 2016

Ontario Poem

I found this poem in my archieve today. could have been very fitting for snow storm last week.

i am not the author. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

The tale of the Sweet Potato from Gananoque

Jan. 15, 2015
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

In Fall of 2015, Russ and I went to MEC to shop for something. I cannot even remember what now, but MEC is our favorite store anyways.

We were walking near Parkdale and there was a market, and it was about to close, maybe it was like 2pm already. I look around for sweet potato tubers, because I like them, and wanting to plant many varieties.
There was one organic farmer for Gananoque, and he had organic sweet potatoes. I was so happy and I bought 2 lbs for $5. I took it home, I cooked it and it has yellowish flesh color. I saved one tuber for propagation.
And on Nov. 30, 2015 I put it in a pot with soil. It has sprouted and grown.

Next step is to take the sprouts away and put it in vase of water to encourage root development. And then make it a holding pot for next seasons outdoor planting.

I am also happy that the source is organically grown. If i have surplus of slips, I will gather the leaves, because sweet potato leaves taste good in soups.

So, there is a big reason why I searched out organically grown sweet potatoes. First, I harvest the young leaves to add to my chicken noddle soup and I feed this soup to my kids.

And second, I also like sweet potato tubers. So, if I grow them myself, I will eat it.

What about you? Loving sweet potato?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Blame is better to give than recieve

January 16, 2016
Ottawa Ontario Canada
45.4214° N, 75.6919° W

The sun is up, very beautiful afternoon. My hike today from Central Park to Carleton University. 

  • -9 degrees C
  • no rain
  • no snow
  • no wind
  • bright crisp snow along the path

Stats using app MapMyRun:
distance 3.54 kilometers, time: 44:08
Taken at Fisher Avenue facing experimental farm. The tall building is Dunton Tower - Carleton University. 

The plowed portion of Cow Lane inside Experimental Farm. 

With Cow Lane plowed, I can exceed 30 km per hour? Oh really?

Morningside Lane inside Experimental Farm is also plowed. The Dunton Tower - Carleton University is within few meters away. 

The footpath towards Hartwell Locks - with a bridge to the other side which is Carleton University.

A close picture of the Hartwell Locks sign. The bridge is a small 3 feet wide wooden bridge. It may look nothing, but it is a very dependable bridge to get to Carleton from Ex Farm. Without it, it will be long detour for me to get to Carleton University via Ex Farm. I thank you NCC, for keeping it partly plowed and open to public.
and the title? 

lyrics from the song Freewill by Rush

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jan 13, 2016, PM hike back to Central Park

Jan 13, 2016 WED
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

It was a calm day today as I put on my snow pants. No snow forecast. I am excited to continue my late afternoon hike back to Central Park.

Music: Rush
+ Zumba Tunes from ZIN volumes

Time: 52:55 minutes
Distance: 4.21 kilometers

Picture taken from Fisher Avenue, corner Cow Lane of the Experimental Farm. I decided that this will be my new point to take picture everyday of my hike. Its a perfect location, as I can also see Dunton Tower of Carleton University here.
The blanket of snow taken from Fisher Avenue facing Carleton University.

I saw the moon in this picture. Well, it looks like a small crescent. 

Calm day for a walk, no snow, no wind, just plain cold and pleasant walk. The white snow is really amazing.

half the world hates what half the world does everyday

Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada
Jan 13, 2016 Wednesday

The usual morning hike to Carleton University for me.

I listen to Rush, I am a big fan of Rush.

The first track on my phone was Half the World from the Album: Test for Echo

"Half the world hates what half the world does everyday".

If I hike to university everyday, does half the world would hate me?

Maybe, only freaking insane people would hike in this cold. It was really pretty cold.
-23 degrees C including wind chill. But really? That's nothing. Ottawa can get as cold as -40 degrees C.

I walk in my bright red Columbia Snow Pants and a CloudVeil Ski Jacket.
My peach toque is a gift from Tessie last Christmas. Over all, it was a nice hike.

Stats: From MapMyRun App
Distance: 3.92 km, Duration: 55:27minutes

Sunrise: Take from Fisher Avenue facing Carleton University

I have to take a selfie with Carleton University's Dunton Tower in the center. Its really off center, top of my head. Take at Fisher Avenue towards Cow Lane of Experimental Farm.

My path along Cow Lane. This section from Fisher Avenue is not plowed, so it is a challenging walk until you reach Ash Lane which is plowed and nicely cleaned everyday.

I decided to take a selfie because I love my peach toque given by Tessie.

This sign is in Cow Lane(un plowed trail) , and it is about 50 meters until I hit Ash Lane and Cow Lane intersection which is plowed well.

The intersection of Cow Lane and Ash Lane. Here starts the nicely cleaned/plowed trail until I hit Prince of Wales Drive. 

The walk was beautiful, I enjoyed the scenery. It was a bit windy coming from the west, I feel my ear a bit frozen, so I have to wrap my head with a scarf under the toque. The sunrise is amazing warms me up.

So, I guess, hiking to Carleton University is a fun activity that I love to do everyday.

Does the other half hates what I do every morning? I hope not!

Hiking to Carleton University and back home at Central Park Jan 12, 2016 Tuesday

Jan. 12, 2016

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

As all you know, I live in Central Park. Close to everything and I don't need a car. I could want one, but I am not giving in to that.

So, my means of transportation is the local OC (Ottawa City) Transpo Bus and if I bike or walk. Unfortunately, the snowfall is quite high, so my biking option is gone...I could, but my bike is not winterized.

I opted to use the bus system, but it goes around that bend that it takes the bus an easy 1 hour from my home to Carleton University.

I explored the option of hiking from my home to Carleton University. Drawing a straight line from Central Park, that is straight bulls eye to reach Dunton Tower of Carleton University.

The challenge is mostly deep snow during the morning, and also snowing in my face in the afternoon hike. However, this is the fastest route from home to Carleton hoo yah...this engineer will figure out a way for the most efficient route to Carleton.

This picture was taken about 5:30 pm. I reached Summerville corner Merivale.
Holy crap it snowed really hard and hit me in the face. My phone was soaked just by taking one picture.

Today, Jan 12, 2016 - I completed a distance of 3.71 Km, total time 51:16, according to my app - MapMyRun by Under Armour. I believe that is the company that manufacture sports specific shirts.

Other than that, it was pleasant walk. I love the variety of elevation, the different terrain, plowed road, icy conditions, sometimes black ice and near falling...but did not. So, all in all, this hiking adventure is fun.