Tuesday, September 29, 2015

24C and raining

Teusday. September 29, 2015
Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada

Today is such a nice day, a little bit of humid in the morning. My gardening work takes me to Stittsville, a perennial bed which has become overgrown after 3 years. So, we moved around 2 big Emerald Cedars, some daylilies, a hydrangea, and hosta.

3 hours after, the rain pours. We accomplished most of the bed, I have 2 more daylilies to split, and nice Karl Foerster grass, but it will be next week.

It is 24C high earlier  and it is now 14C raining. Signal for fall I think. In general, gardening calls for clean up is still around. I only work 3 days a week now, as I have my Fall 2015 course in Soils for Monday and Wednesday.

I hope everyone is doing well with fall, if the weeds took over your garden last summer, its time to hack them all out and bag them. Hoping spring is a clean season for all the blooms.

And BTW, the craneberry bush beans have dried too. Time for seed saving.