Friday, March 22, 2013

Mini White Cucumber Seedlings

Ottawa city, ontario, canada
March 22, 2013

Last Monday, i mentioned that I put my seedlings for indoor germination. the tray was consist of asian hot pepper, bitter melon, and 4 mini cucumber seedlings for test germination. I think i have not check the set up in 2 days, and i was surprise to see these mini cucumbers pushing against the tray cover.

So, here are the organic mini white cucumbers -- 4 of them, ready to spring to life. :)

How awesome is this surprise to me? Lift my winter tired spirit! God is  good:)

The original source of these Miniature White Cucumber Seedlings was from Seed Savers Exchange, Decorah Iowa USA.

These were happy growing in a pot last year, and my daughter loves to pick it. About 2-3 inches at maturity and very watery crunchy. I recommend this cucumber for those living in apartments, a pot good for tomatoes are good for these cucumber. The trellis you use for the tomatoes does wonder for these mini cucumber.

My toddler Karlina enjoyed harvesting them..."note: let your toddlers wear gloves, cucumbers have prickles on them".

So, despite the snow covering my backyard, spring has arrived in my home, at least in my basement where the seeds are lovingly growing.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bitter Melon: on Pancreatic Cancer

March 18, 2013,
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Yesterday, I planted my bitter melon seeds in my basement.

I know, from now till May 25th at least, it will in my basement. For 2 months, I will be watching these seedlings like a hawk. But hmm...who cares, I love my bitter melon. I planted at least 5 plants last year, and it was superb in my backyard.

My dear aunt grab all the young leaves for Filipino soup, while I am loving it for the the fresh stir fry. I did few not expect a lot of fruits, but the heatwave last year made this happen. Tons of bitter melon fruits...and guess what, even the creatures in my backyard did not like it. Mr. Squirrel leave it alone, as he happily munch on the cherry tomatoes. Raccons, skunk, birds leave it alone.

And yes, lots of bitter stir fry for me.........hear that squirrel...for me!

I read somewhere that this fruit helps prevent Type 2 Diabetes, good...because I like my Boston Cream!

And yes, I will be planting this one again for season, what are you planting this season?