Monday, February 27, 2012

Eggplant Seed Propagation: Seeds from Seed Savers Exchange

March 16, 2012 - my eggplant sprouted, about 90% germination rate. I have to remove the cover because the seedlings are getting taller now.

अपडेट: मार्च १६,२०१२ - थे सीड्स गेर्मिनातेद एंड आईटी लूक्स लिखे इ गोत ८०% गेर्मिनातिओं। एक्ससितेद फॉर थिस सासों। :)

STEP 1. Get your seed packets ready.
Packet of seeds from Seed Savers Exchange

STEP 2. get your planting medium ready.
Your coir pellets and seed greenhouse. My greenhouse was used from last year, but it is okay. I just bought refill ones at the store.
2. I use Jeffy coir pellets, made of dry spaghnum peat moss. Coirs are great, but they are also sensitive to drying quickly. So watch out and water before it become rock solid!
Another advantage is that it is compact, and easy to handle, NOT messy compared to soil mix. And it's Canadian made.

STEP 3. Prepare your planting medium. (Coir Pellets for me)
3. Expanding the coir pellets using boiled water. I poured it hot, and ask my daughter Karlina to pour additional cold water on the pellets. The reason I poured hot water is to sterilized it, and the cool water to expand the pellets evenly. I did not have a problem with it, it expands will and those uneven, I just poured additional water and sort of press it on the side to loosen it.

STEP 4. Plant your seeds. I pour the seeds in a paper towel, then mist it with water. Let it stand for 2 minutes. Then the seed will be easier to handle. Seeds are small, so I used tweezer to pick up the small seeds, and put two each coir. I was told once it germinated, I have to remove the second one, just keep the stronger seed, so you got one healthy plant. NO sense keeping 2 of them and result of a weakling, compost friendly plant.
I counted 32 coir pellets in this batch of seeds.

STEP 5. Cover your seeds with humidity dome. If you are using a basic roasting pan, any clear plastic will do, it does the job of keeping humidity. I used clear plastic garbage bag last year on my other seeds, since I only have few decent propagation dome.

STEP 6. Put it in the window sill, and wait for germination.
NOW LAUGH at me! I literally run our of space that I have to put my greenhouse in my computer table, which is located in my bedroom. As you can see, it is near the window for light, and I have a heat mat plugged in to my computer power bar. When I turn on my computer, the heat generated by my CPU will also heat up my seeds.
I was told eggplant is a pain to having light, heat, and more heat is something I am trying to experiment.

In case I end up frying these seeds, oh well........I tried!

Seed Propagation: Eggplant (Solanum melongena)
Variety: Diamond
Date: 17 February 2012

Seed Source: Seed Savers Exchange, Decorah, IA, USA


From the seed packet: Collected from the Ukaraine by SSE in 1993. Fruits are set in clusters of -6 in 2" tall plants. Dark purple fruits with green tinted flesh are 9" long by 3" diameter. Excellent texture and flavor, rarely bitter. Disease resistant. 70 days from Transplant.

START INDOORS: 8 weeks before last frost
Germination: 14 days
Plant Outdoors: 18-24 apart
Light: Full Sun

Eggplant is a staple in Badian, Cebu, Philippines where I grew up. I love it personally, just crush garlic, onion, add sliced eggplant, stir fry....ah you got dinner!

I am always fascinated in seed propagation here is Canada, because our growing season is pretty short. With luck, snow clears in April and by May we all start digging dirt.

Dad Boucher offered me his backyard garden this year, so I am very happy to have a playground.

Above is the instructions of my eggplant germination. It might be different from yours, but this is how I do it my way. Any success/failure will be duly reported, just like my previous attempts which result in a fried seeds, and soaked and bloated seeds that end up in compost.


A little good luck from you does help too.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

HOSTA: Captain Kirk

Hosta Captain Kirk July 2011.

For some reason, I brought home a Hosta named Captain Kirk. 'Captain Kirk' is yet another sport from 'Gold Standard' (which is a 'Hyacinthina' sport itself). from Brill 1999. It was small - probably one gallon pot. Here is a picture of it in 2011.
This hosta suffered sunburn, and eaten by slugs, with small remaining crow.
The entry in Hosta Registrar says Captain Kirk
is a medium size plant with pale lavender flowers.
It does not say it set seed, but looking at parentage Fortunei Hyacinthina, its sport Gold Standard, this hosta may not set seed.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hosta Seed Propagation Indoors

march 24, 2012 - lance shape leaves:)

march 24, 2012. The leaves show me a Sieboldiana trait.

March 24, 2012 I counted 24 small pots of hosta.


Last summer, 2 to 3 attempts at hosta seed propagation failed. None showed up. NADA!

A neighbor of mine notice some seed pods of her hosta in fall2011 and offered it to me. While I was sad that I never had success, I said ...hmm, why not?

I forget about sterile seed mix.
I used potting soil, added vermiculite, perlite and pour hot water on the mix. As it cool down, I added the hosta seeds on top.

No, I did not pray for miracles this time. None happened before, so this one must be some random chances of the universal order of things.

It was a clam shell from salad with a lid.
A heat mat was handy.

Running out of space, I put it inside my cupboard of all places.
To my surprised, she did germinate, and no damped off.

So here she is, hosta la vista, my first successful attempt at hosta seed propagation.

I will update once I am done moving them to a grower pot individually.

Coleus Seed Propagation: Ebay Seeds(Ebay username: heavonlea)

March 31, 2012 - These are the babies transplanted yesterday to individual cell packs. It looks like I have more babies in this batch of seeds.

feb. 24, 2012 (This seed was sown Feb 11, 2012)


SEED SOURCE: Ebay username: heavonlea
Maureen of Ontario

The batch of seeds was labeled Coleus - Stunning Color Rainbow.

These seeds were sown Feb11, 2012 - a regular potting mix, put in an empty take out container, put under a light.

Seeds germinated very well, still all green, but exciting. Will update soon as seeds show character and grace.)

Comment: I will definitely recommend buying from this seller, because the seed germinated without a problem, so my guess is this was a fresh seed from Fall 2011 harvest.

Beans: Seed Propagation Indoors

March 24, 2012. this beans are ready to go out. and are they flowering already?

McKenzie Bean, Yard long orient wonder and Garden Centers Beans - Stringless Green Pod

February 17, 2012. THURSDAY
I have bought a small Jiffy greenhouse for $4 at walmart. It comes in 36 coirs and a lid. I saved it for something special seed, but accidentally Karlina opened it, and she wanted to put seeds.

SO, we end up sowing beans by pouring water in the coir pellets, and stick the beans in it. I know, its way too early. At this rate, you can see beans growing in my cupboard, till who knows when these snow clears. Ottawa is mild now, but it might still have hailing snow in March.

The coir pellets were very nice when you have young kids, since it is easy to handle and less mess compared to pouring soil.

So, here are the varieties:
McKenzie - Asian Vegetables - this is the bean yard long orient wonder. I own heirloom seeds like these as a kid.

Beans - Stringless Green Pod - by Garden Center Seeds

Unfortunately, they germinate in a very short period of time, so here they are.
36 coirs of Beans....and were am I gonna put them now?

Beans, beans and more beans....Want some?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Avocado for Breakfast

Yes, I eat avocado for breakfast. :)

Seed Propagation: Mirabilis jalapa (4 o clock seed propagation)

mirabilis jalapa seed propagation feb. 22, 2012

its getting warmer in ottawa, i am inspired to sow some more seeds. this is a packet of mirabilis jalapa, 4 o clock . I soaked the seeds for about 4 hours before putting them in coir pellets. I covered it with transparent plastic for humidity, then put under shop light.

i have not tried germinating this one indoors, so I let you know how long.

Update: March 16, 2012. The seeds germinated, but they seem lanky, probably, they needed more light. I put 2 of them already in a small 4 inch grower pot and it seem to improve the condition and they start to grow bulkier. you can see them in the peat pellet, sort of sick with bulimic.

March 17, 2012. The tray with 4 o clock seeds sprouted, not much of a miracle. You can see some of the other seeds are tall, and bulimic and the other ones are just starting to wake up.
Anyhow, will update how these babies will grow.
i will try growing them in small pots.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Coleus Seed Propagation: New Brilliant Mix by McKenzie Seeds

UPDATE: March 31, 2012 - I counted 5 of them and I transferred them to individual grower pot.
The count is low, however, I am hoping these seeds are really brilliant. If not, buy seeds on Ebay, they are from gardeners who tested their seeds.

I have been very lucky with my previous seed germination for coleus that I tried another batch of New Brilliant Mix by McKenzie Seeds.

The Set Up:

6 inch pot
potting soil
1 pack of seeds
water, about 1-2 cups

plastic film to cover the pot

cinnamon - for good luck, the seeds will sprout ( maybe i meant to kill fungus that eat baby plants)

1. I fill the pot with 3/4 potting soil mix. I water it gently with one cup of water.
2. I opened the seed packet and sprinkle the seeds. IMPORTANT: Do not cover the seeds, it is very tiny, and it needs light to germinate.
3. I sprinkle cinnamon on top - do not thicken it, just easy sprinkle. A little shake.
4. Water gently, on top of the seeds and cinnamon.
5. Cover the pot with a plastic top - that is to copy the greenhouse humidity dome.

And she is set to germinate in 5 days.
NOTE: This is the first time I am using a regular potting mix. In previous experiment, I sterilize my soil, by putting it in the microwave or oven and my home really stinks. So, this time...i want to know if coleus seeds can survive on non sterile seed mix. Have you seen seedling mix in the store? It is expensive.

I will update soon.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fit For Life: Goodlife Fitness, and Activities at Home

Zumba for PS3, Kenneth trying to beat the game to reach Zumbathon, and Kieren as back up Dancer.

A comfortable starting position with Yoga in the Living Room - Saturday Edition, hosted by Karlina.

A difficult position for beginners, but she looks fine.

Karlina with her teddy bear named Monkey, enjoying a Yoga pose on a Saturday morning at home.

Go Horsey go, err...go Iceberg Go!

Sledding or our idea of Ice Climbing

February 18, 2012

Fit for Life - on fitness, family life, and healthy habits.

I am a mom of 3 young children, and I am describe as crazy. Last night, after I put my kids to bed, kiss my husband goodnight and I went Rock Climbing to Vertical Reality until midnight. I came home about 12:30 past midnight, crawl to be and sleep. I came home with blisters and bloody fingers and sore muscles.

While I have to admit that having children restrict me from doing fitness activities, it is also a duty of a parent to train their kids to love, and enjoy fitness for life. And possibly, find fitness activities that includes the whole family.

I was -- saying was because I use to do it regularly, but not anymore.
"rock climbing, long distance mountain biking, marathon running, karate geek, skiing, skating. "

Becoming a mother changed all that. Activities have been changed and modified to adopt to my children's needs. Rock climbing becomes random climbing on the trees in the our area, to the amusement of my nosy neighbors. Long distance mountain biking has become a short bike ride and long push of the bike to the park before my 3 year old have a tantrum. Marathon running is converted to running to the corner store to buy some milk. Karate has become a self defense trick to avoid projectile vomit, and random hits from a 18 month old who have cute tantrum. Skiing has become sledding which hurts my bum as the snowbagon flies off. Skating has become a risky sport because our walk ways are not salted, so we are walking on skating rinks.

Additional activities came up too. I never been a fan of dancing but well, "I just do it" because I need energy to be able to run to the corner store.

I joined Goodlife Fitness last Nov 2011, just to find that solace and peace, on times when I needed diversion. Plus, they have amazing cardio class, such as Zumba party, and Body Combat.

My darling husband bought a ZUMBA for PS 3 last Christmas 2011, and so my family dance Zumba in our basement.
Wiggles Dance Party DVDs is on every Friday morning. I dance with the kids to the tunes of Wiggles. Imagine that?

Karlina opened my yoga mat, and does her yoga. She is only 3 years old.

Kenneth mastered PS3 Zumba and he has reach the level of Zumbathon.

Kieren, my youngest has reached his maximum potential as a boxer at 18 months and my goal is to avoid any random punches hitting my face.

While not everyone can dance to Wiggles, I invite every parent to put on a dance CD before supper, after supper, on your day off, or do something that keep your kid moving. Not only you are teaching and training them to be fit for life, but also you are showing them to how to do it. You might skip hospital visits if you do these on regular basis.

Obesity is not the problem, it is only the result of misplaced values. We never come back to the roots. The roots being that - of family values, of why we have children to begin with, of what is important for a child development?
Obesity is a result of or the lack of values with teach to our children.

When parents stop being healthy and active, the child learns not to be active. The child accepted the fact that when mommy and daddy is home, we will have quite times because they are tired. The child learn that being hyper is bad. By the time they are hook to electronic games at the age of 7, we wonder how he got there? Those moments you want him quite because you are on the phone? The moments that you put him in front of the TV because you have to cook supper, or you took your work home.
The moment you stop believing that being active is normal --- that is when you already climb the obesity ladder.

While I have my moments, I tried to integrate fitness to my daily routine.
I am a caregiver, not just for my own children, but of others.

While any caregiver is bound to improve herself, by taking courses in areas of nursing, early childhood education, I am going a different direction.

I will keep advancing myself in the fitness arena, by becoming a Zumba Dance Instructor, by becoming a Personal Fitness Trainer and by immersing myself in Healthy Nutrition. And living by example to my children in any day, in any area where I can include Fitness.
My daughter watch a Yoga Video with me, and see what she is capable of?

I believe that when children develop a habit of dancing, exploring outdoors, eating healthy and self-esteem, that they will be happier and free of health problems. They will not be bulletproof, but they are equipped with skills necessarily to live a productive life, and fit for life.

Ladies and gentlemen including those in between: Are you up to the challenge of being fit for life?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Coleus Seed Propagation - Ebay seeds (Ebay userid: flowerangel0607)

March 31, 2012 - A single seed germinated from the Super Rainbow Salmon Lace batch.
This better stay alive, for she is a single one.

coleus seed propagation feb. 17, 2012

i have successfully propagated coleus seeds in the past and again today, I propagated another batch of 50 seeds.

wizard scarlet - 25 seeds [bronze red beauty]
super rainbow salmon lace - 25 seeds

SOIL: It is just an ordinary indoor potting soil, Schultz I think. I put the seeds on top of the soil, and then spray water to keep it moist. DO not cover, it will take forever to germinate if you cover the seeds with soil

CONTAINER:they are put inside 1 lb clam shell of strawberry. perfect container, it is transparent, and it has holes already.
LIGHT: i put them under light, NO HEAT MAT, it will toast your seeds. That's what happen to my very first project. Coleus needs light, not heat.

i will update soon.

SEED SOURCE: these batch of seeds comes from ebay - "share the beauty", Linda from Bertram Texas. ebay user ID : flowerangel0607. Bought about Sept 2011.

Note: I wrote my seed source, because I will definitely buy again if I get lucky.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recent account checking shows that you have an unpaid payment. TD Canada Trust. (SPAM)

Anyone else receive email phising? or is this TD?
look at the date, I got it today and its dated 2010.

email spam maybe? I intentionally destroyed the HTML link to a fake website.



Replied from TD Social Media..definitely spam email. Here is what to do if/when you receive the message.

Hi Angie. It's Chris from TD. We picked up on your post and wanted to help. The email you received in definitely a phishing email as the sender is trying to trick you into following a link and providing confidential information. We'll never ask you to confirm your info via email nor send you such an email. You can forward these emails to and then delete them. We also have some helpful info online at to help you protect yourself. If you replied to the message and provided any info, please call EasyLine right away at 1-866-222-3456, available 24/7, for further assistance. Hope that helps! Have a great day! ^CT


From: Canada Trust
Date: 2010/1/8
Subject: Recent account checking shows that you have an unpaid payment.

TD Canada Trust

Dear Customer,

Recent account checking shows that you have an unpaid payment.

A payment was sent to you but could not be credited in your account. This is due to your account being out of date.

We ask you to take 5-10 minutes to update your online account and security information. An extra verification process has been placed to ensure your identity and your account data.

Once updating has been successful funds will be available in your account within 24hrs.

Please a href="" target="_blank">Logon now to continue updating your account. or go to our online banking website at

a href="" target="_blank">

Failure to update your account details may lead to account termination.

Thank you.
Customer Service

©2001-2012  TD Canada Trust

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Seed Propagation Cantaloupe Delicious

March 24, 2012 - these cantaloupes are ready for anyone's garden.

update: March 3, 2012. Looks like half of the flat of seeds germinated already. Yay!

Cantaloupe seeds sown in the coir pellets , a tray of 36 pellets

SEED PROPAGATION Cantaloupe Delicious

february 15, 2012

this is a regular mckenzie seeds- it says 95-105 days, probably a 3 month fruit

from the seed packet, sow indoors 5-7 weeks, probably it is more than 7 weeks before last frost, but what can i tell you? I'm excited about spring
bright orange flesh
fruit size: 15 by 125 cm ( 6 by 5 inches) good luck with that
germination : 5-10 days
vitamin content: a, b2, c and fibre

I am using a Jiffy greenhouse with 36 coir pellets This is my first time trying this, since Promix Sterile seed mix is only available at Ritchies in Ottawa and I don't drive, so can't go that far. So far, the coir expanded well, so this might be a good alternative than my usual geeky soil mix. Maybe there was like 70 seeds and 2 seeds each pellet.

So, she is done for now will check her back in 10 days. Good luck baby seeds!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

St. Valentines Day 2012

A Timex watch for my darling hubby. It is stretchy straps, so he can put it on with one hand. For those who does not know, Rob was born of CP right hemisphere, so his left hand is the only functional hand.

The first 3 seasons of Criminal Minds was given to me. I don't have to wait for midnight to watch re-runs. :) Thank you. BTW, I am a fan of Dr. Spencer Reid of the TV Series: Criminal Minds, BAU Quantico, Virginia.

While this day St. Valentine dedicated his life to bless the couple who profess true love, how many people today would die in the name of love?

With chocolates and gifts, death is not associated with St. Valentines day anymore. It is now a commercial celebration. Maybe it is a good thing that no one has to die anymore. But somehow, I wish everyone should remember to say our prayers on this day: for those whom we love, may their spirit be free and looking upon on this special day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Coleus looks like Coleus Henna - Coleus Names?

FILE PICTURE OF COLEUS HENNA from Ball Horticultural
( see reference 1)

PICTURE 1. Ideal coloration of Coleus Henna, light green leaves, burgundy underside.

PICTURE 2. Coleus Henna under grow lights. Note the burgundy coloration instead of green? What's gonna happen if I put this in full sun?

PICTURE 3. My overwintered coleus henna, picture taken by my Blackberry Curve.
Note that some leaves showed splashing colors instead of pure green.


( colors for the shaded part of your garden )

The basics: Very uniform with serrated foliage in a unique chartreuse to copper color complemented by dark burgundy undersides.

At the end of fall 2011, I was busy collecting coleus cuttings from friends. I thought it would be nice to have something to look after while my garden is covered in snow by winter.

It is really hard to verify whether the name of my coleus is right. There is no society governing its name, and coleus sport and reverse without warning.

However, I conclude that I can name my coleus base on its look-alike. If I a wrong, then please correct me.

One of the coleus cuttings i got is Coleus Henna. It was a tag from Presidents Choice (Loblaws) labeled - Solenostemon hybrida - Coleus Henna.

Ray Rogers published a book, Coleus: Rainbow foliage for containers and gardens in 2008. There was no mention of this cultivar. My guess, this must be new, or not attractive enough to be put in the book.

Looking online, I found more information about coleus henna.

1. Ball Horticultural Company of Chicago, IL (1)

The picture of Coleus Henna in Ball Horticultural website showed this data for coleus henna:
Scientific Name : Solenostemon hybrida
Common Name : Coleus
Hardiness Degree : 32°F (0.0°C)
Plant Habit : Mounded, Upright
Spacing : 16 - 20" (41 - 51cm)
Height : 22 - 28" (56 - 71cm)
Width : 14 - 16" (36 - 41cm)
Exposure : Partial Sun
Grower Information : A Simply Beautiful® selection.
Stunning colors and patterns for full sun and shade. • Premium series is excellent for landscaping. • Fast and easy to grow for high impact at retail.

"Selected for their outstanding performance and vigor, our premium coleus collection is well-matched for habit, with a variety of textures and contrasts. These low-maintenance plants make a high-impact addition to large pot programs. Selected for their outstanding performance and vigor, our premium coleus collection is well-matched for habit, with a variety of textures and contrasts. These low-maintenance plants make a high-impact addition to large pot programs. Very uniform with serrated foliage in a unique chartreuse to copper color complemented by dark burgundy undersides.
Protection Information : 'Balcenna' PP19,149"

Because it has "protection information", I would say I would be thinking this is a patented plant, so selling and exchange of this plant is NOT allowed. Well, correct me if I am wrong, there maybe more explanation to this phrase.

While I thought this is an introduction of Ball Horticultural, another website tells me that Coleus henna is new, and from Costa Rica.
2. The picture of Coleus Henna in White Flower farm website:

White Flower Farm of Connecticut has the following information: (2) "An introduction from Costa Rica, Coleus Henna features attractively toothed, chartreuse to copper leaves, all surprisingly uniform from one to the next. The leaves curl upward and expose their showy burgundy undersides. A medium-size, upright variety, Henna looks well bedded out or combined with purple, oranges, or other hot shades. 'Balcenna' PP 19,149"

If you note above, in bold, italic red, the protection information is the same, so base on this cross reference, I can infer that these two websites were talking about the same plant.

3. Park Brothers Farm in Arkansas (3) wrote this coleus as a sun coleus which means this can tolerate sun exposure despite Coleus is primarily known as shade plant. Note that this website did not have plant protection number noted, but base on the picture, the plant is looks similar in appearance.

4. Mischels Greenhouses in Williamsburg, Michigan (4) wrote that a suggestion to try this one as a houseplant. Now, this overwintering hobby of mine might be able to tell you if this is good houseplant or not. Will coloration stays the same under low light in a home?

5. Southern Living Magazine(5) issue 2009 named Coleus Henna as one of the"8 Great Plants You Gotta Grow!"

So having read these references , I will show you a picture of my over-wintered coleus henna in the basement. PICTURES 1 -3.

Will this grow to be a sun coleus?
Will this plant become an amazing houseplant?
Will she grow into a lovely specimen this summer?

What i find this plant amazing is that the underside of its leaves is burgundy and the outer left is green. It is an amazing combination for a a coleus, so I am so excited what this little plant brings to my garden this coming gardening season.

I will update this blog soon. I will try the houseplant idea from the cuttings I have and see what it looks like in few months?

1. Ball Horticultural Company, Chicago, IL, USA,, webaAccessed 9 feb 2012
2. White Flower Farm , Connecticut, USA,, web accessed 9 feb, 2012
3. Park Brothers Farm , Arkansas, USA,, web accessed, 9 feb 2012
4. Mischels Greenhouse, Michigan, USA,, web accessed, 9 feb 2012
5. Southern Living Magazine,Birmingham, Alabama, USA,, web accessed, 9 feb 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kalanchoe luciae: Ottawa Plantcycle

Picture 6. First few kalanchoe luciae in pots, potted Feb. 15, 2012.
These will approximately root 8-10 weeks by about April 15, 2012.

Picture 5. The base of the pot, after cutting some offsets.
This will probably give room for other young ones to develop. By summer, maybe I can try re-poting this mother plant if she does not exhibit desire to retire as this plant is known to be "monocarpic".

Picture 4. Offsets cut off, to callous for 3 day, then to the propagation bed to grow roots for about 8-10 weeks.

Picture 3. Offsets at the base of the pot.

Picture 2. Kalanchoe luciae - flowers (white)

Picture 1. Succulent Plant - Kalanchoe luciae

Kalanchoe luciae - asexual propagation by cuttings.

Val - Ottawa Plantcycle (A) dropped off a plant earlier today for division.
Plant rescue is one of her passions, which alignts to my mantra of "adopt a plant" when you can. It was an amazing succulent that needed TLC, however, it did well and adopted to its previous habitat, even flowered- see Picture 2. Hence, I found offsets (little plant) that are volunteering to grow by the base of the plant.

1. PLANT IDENTIFICATION - Kalanchoe luciae. After dinner, I was staring at this plant, and I remember a young plant I bought from Home Depot couple of days ago. It was tag Echevaria lylacina, which no plant exist on that name. So as I looked around for dessert cabbage, I found it that I have a Kalanchoe luciaea. So, this plant was exactly what I got from Home Depot Monday Jan 30, 2012. (2)

2. CONDITION - The mother plant could use repot, but I am not gonna do it in the middle of winter. The little offsets can be easily cut off - see Picture 4, callous and put in a propagation bed. About 3 days to callous, and 8-10 weeks to root before putting them on individual pots. (3)

3. SOIL MIX - succulents prefer cactus mix, so I am hoping to score some leftover from other friends at plantcycle. I have enough sand and tropical mix to make a propagation bed, but individual pots might be stretch, since I may have 10 little flapjacks by April. I have until April 10, 2012 to secure appropriate mix. For now, these offsets will be ready to put in propagation bed, which I will mix sand/loam after this entry.

Update. february 15. 2012 WED, I prepared my own succulent mix last night, and I have potted half of the babies. The soil mix was 2 parts playground sand, 1 part perlite, and 1 part potting soil mix. This is the first part of the baby luciae in pots (picture 6). My goal is to finish potting them by the end of the week.

A. Ottawa Plantcyle Group:


(1) San Marcos Growers,
(2) 50BucksGift,
(3) Edenmakers,

Pictures: All pictures are my own fuzzy ones courtesy of my Blackberry Curve.