Thursday, July 16, 2009

DAY 41: July 15, 2009 WEDNESDAY

- wake up late
- worked at the farm with mila and bolitoy, burning twigs
- sleep in the afternoon
- watch basketball league (banhigan vs. matutinao) oh yeah...banhigan wins again!!!

DAY 40: JULY 14, 2009 TUESDAY

= no more work at the farm
= meet Nicolas Bajao, inquired about the 700 sq meters land for sale
= afternoon stayed home
= night, watch basketball league again

DAY 39: JULY 13, 2009 MONDAY

DAY 9 at the farm, last day of work too

- 7 workers ( angie, mila, tiyo ed, ronnie, simon, marilyn)
- it rained
- bought sundang 2 pieces
-watch basketball game (Poblacion vs. Banhigan) - Banhigan wins...yeah...

DAY 38: JULY 12, 2009 sunday

took a day off from the farm
spend time with family

DAY 37: July 11, 2009 SATURDAY

My guest at my birthday party at the farm...

= day 8 at the farm

= bought another 10 banana seedling from Nang Meding

= seven workers at the farm ( tiyo ed, mila, simon, ronnie, timmy, marilyn, angie)

= cooked pancit for my birthday, my gues, nang edad, nang meding

DAY 36: JULY 10, 2009 FRIDAY

- day 7 at the farm
- i planted the roses and carnation in our front lawn
- 7 workers at the farm ( mila, tiyo ed, simon, ronnie, marily, timmy, angie)
- chat with rob at 6pm in the net cafe

DAY 35: July 9, 2009 THURSDAY

- day 6 at the farm

- planted another 20 banana seedlings from basak (lakatan)

- 7 workers at thef arm (angie, mila, tiyo ed, marilyn, timmy, ronnie, simon)

DAY 34: July 8, 2009 WEDNESDAY

- day 5 at the farm
- 5 workers at the farm, (mila, tiyo ed, ronnie, simon, angie)
- planted another 5 bananas courtesy of nang edad
- lunch was pancit

DAY 33: JULY 7, 2009 TUESDAY

- plant 5 bananas

- 5 workers in the farm (mila, tiyo ed, simon, ronnie, angie)

- nang edad, boundary

- loaded smart bro, chat at the cafe....

DAY 32: JULY 6, 2009 MONDAY

- day 3 at the farm
- planted 18 coconuts at the farm
- 4 people at the farm (angie, mila, tiyo ed, simon)
- bought roses, carnation, bamboo plants

DAY 31: July 5, 2009 SUN

- day off from farm
- church with Kenny

DAY 30: July 4, 2009 SATURDAY

- 2nd day at the farm, with 5 people( timmy, ronnie, tiyo ed, mila and angie)
- we bought 2 piko, for clearing roots
- work hard

DAY 29: July 3, 2009 FRIDAY

Tiyo Ed, over powered by massive branches of weeds and other shrubs...

- first day cleaning at Banhigan Farm 1.70 hectares

- food: rice and dried fish for 3 meals

- bought groceries good for the week : 300 pesos

- got my menstration back

- 5 people at the farm( mila, tiyo ed, timmy, ronnie, and angie)

DAY 28: July 2, 2009 Thursday

- spent the morning at Highway 54 lot
- bought trapal, to sheild us for sun and rain
- spent the afternoon at home, climbed the Tisa tree to trim the branches from the rooftop.
- went to the net cafe at 6 pm.

DAY 27: July 1, 2009 WEDNESDAY

Happy Canaday Day my love...and darling Karlina!
breakfast: rice with pancit
lunch: rice with pancit
Processing my POSTAL ID
-- got my barangay clearance, got the mayors signature
-- Tiyo ED drove me to Moalboal to submit my postal ID application
-- I paid 288 pesos and postal ID will be claimed on July 14th
-- it rained like crazy and we got wet

DAY 26: June 30, 2009 TUESDAY

breakfast: rice with veggies
lunch: rice withveggies
dinner: rice with lumayagan (small squid)

inquired to get a Postal ID
went to internet cafe at 6pm

DAY 25, June 29, 2009 MONDAY

=spent the morning getting new tax declaration for the Banhigan Lot
= paid 2009 taxes

=visited BNHS in the afternoon, have a chat with Maam Flor Medequillo.

DAY 24, JUNE 28, 2009 SUNDAY

Uncle Luthgardo and Inday Rufing, They have 2 children, Riza Lou and Reynan. Inset with Auntie Anabelle and Rose

Uncle Romulo with Auntie Eda, they have 7 kids.

Auntie Anabelle with her loving partner, Rose

Auntie Angelina Singson Naingue with her 2 kids. (papas youngest sister).

Soup made of squash and kamunggay with coconut milk.

We hosted lunch for papa's younger siblings...

rice, ginamay (carrots, sayote, pork and chicken), and of course, pancit!

DAY 23, JUNE 27, 2009 Saturday

another nangka (jackfruit ) is ready for fruit feast...

Another Nangka is ripe and another fruit feast...

*** DETAILS***

-- wake up late and chat with Rob online
-- chit chat with dad's younger siblings
-- food: breakfast: rice with beans
lunch : rice with green leafy veggies
dinner: rice with finger foods

DAY 22, June 26, 2009 FRIDAY

He build a table too, and another bench accross. The place is ready for lunch...hahaha

Tiyo Ed building a bench for us at the Highway 54 property.

*** Details***

-- spend the day at Highway 54 clearing up the property which was fenced yesterday.
-- food details:
breakfast: rice and eggs
lunch: rice and veggies
dinner: hanging rice with barbecue

Papa's younger sibling arrived from Cebu City to attend the fiesta of Highway 54 tomorrow.

DAY 21, JUNE 25, 2009 Thursday

The whole gang fencing the side area of the Highway 54 property.

We are fencing the property in Highway 54. Tiyo Edgar is digging holes for the post.


-- got the money from Rob in the morning, bought a new DVD players for the family 2,000 pesos.
-- birthday of John Angel Singson, Dongcoys 4th baby
-- food details:
breakfast : coffee
lunch: cooked banana, rice and dried fish
dinner: rice, veggies with pork

fruit of the day: atis and boungon (courtesy of Maam Gabina)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DAY 20, June 24, 2009 WEDNESDAY

Kenny praying at St John the Baptist Chapel, in Manay-as

Boats everywhere, celebrating the feast of St. John the Baptist. The walkway in the background is the private path to Badian Island Resort and Spa. The island on the background the the private resort, previously known as Eurasia, owned by a German company, now known as Badian Island Resort and Spa.

Cross this river to attend the fiesta, look closely at the houses accross the river. These houses are the host of the fiesta, in honor of St. John the Baptist.

The fiesta host, with my family as guest....Mila, Mama, Lando and Kenny, Guest, Nang Ika and Papa Angel...

Kenny with fiesta host, Lando!

The foods at the fiesta..great banquet..courtesy of Montevon Family (Ika and Lando). This is from my fathers side, the mother of grandgfather Angel Singson Sr.

********************** EVENTS OF THE DAY *************************

== Spent the morning looking at property near Banhigan, about 900 square meters, owned by Bello Benemerit0

==spend the afternoon at Highway 54 (Uncle Gil and Dads property) clearing up the area.

== Its ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST FEAST DAY, we visited family friends and relatives and attended the fiesta.