Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kieren : 59 Days Old ~~ The Pork Chop Story~~

SAT AUG 7, 2010 - kieren turns 59 days old

Kieren sleep well last night. Such a healthy boy, pwera buyag.

==>> cool, breezy day
==>> grocery at Produce Depot with Rob, got my bills paid
==>> went to the park, Braden and Karlina in a red car, soo cute

==>> cook some pork chops for dinner and Daddy said, it was a nice yum supper!

Kieren: 58 days old ~~ Swinging Peaceful Time for Mommy and Daddy Too~~

FRI AUG 6, 2010 - kieren turns 58 days old

Kieren sleeps well. He seem to push himself back, strong neck.
He is purely breastfeed, 2 to 3 hours interval. He has double chin. He has a chubby cheek.

He likes the Fisher Price Peaceful time swing. Peaceful time for me too, he enjoys the swing time.

==>> cool weather, a touch of fall
==>> went to Salvation Army thrift store, got some hangers for clothes, extra coffe pot,
shorts for Kieren, pants for Karlina, shorts & top for Mommy and shorts for Daddy
==>> Rob went to the wake of Jack's mom, Gary picked him up and they went together
==>> curtains, and new bike for kenny courtesy of dad
==>> kenny up to the cottage with Nany Karen, Lolo Kieth, Ron and Patrick

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kieren : 57 days old ~~ And The Old/New Wall Unit Arrive~~

THU AUG 4, 2010 - Kieren turns 57 days old

==>> another warm humid day
==>> we got a new wall unit, courtesy of mom, delivered by Lolo Kieth and Uncle Calvin

So today was a very challenging day......:) kids.......

The Sanitary Solution: 

first baby drops pacifier.... pick up the pacifier, sanitize it and wash the baby. 

second baby drops pacifier .. pick up the pacifier, wipe it off my shirt, and pop it back in her mouth

third baby drops his pacifier ... let the dog fetch the pacifier and give it to the baby

Kieren: 56 days old ~~ The rain keep falling, thunders roar, and the Lightning Fashes in the Sky~~

WED AUGUST 4, 2010 - Kieren turns 56 days old

We stayed home because it is warm and humid. :) and keep unpacking what we can.

==>> another hot humid day
==>> i manage to empty one box in the kitchen, our pots & other utensils
==>> heavy rain in the afternoon again......

Kieren: 55 days old ~~ And our Internet Connection is Back~~

TUE AUGUST 3, 2010 - Kieren turns 55 days old.

We move and there are boxes everywhere in our new home. But it is a home and we are loving it. The neighborhood is full of kids, about Kenny and Karlinas age, so they got instant playmate.

I like our backyard too, and the pool is just one step away. love it.

==>warm day
==> Bell Internet connection...back!!!
==>Nanny Karen Visited us
==>took kieren to check on his belly button - findings umbilical hernia
==>took kenny and karlina swimming
==> raining hard in the afternoon, we did not go to Kennys soccer, I bet cancelled.