Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DAY 20, June 24, 2009 WEDNESDAY

Kenny praying at St John the Baptist Chapel, in Manay-as

Boats everywhere, celebrating the feast of St. John the Baptist. The walkway in the background is the private path to Badian Island Resort and Spa. The island on the background the the private resort, previously known as Eurasia, owned by a German company, now known as Badian Island Resort and Spa.

Cross this river to attend the fiesta, look closely at the houses accross the river. These houses are the host of the fiesta, in honor of St. John the Baptist.

The fiesta host, with my family as guest....Mila, Mama, Lando and Kenny, Guest, Nang Ika and Papa Angel...

Kenny with fiesta host, Lando!

The foods at the fiesta..great banquet..courtesy of Montevon Family (Ika and Lando). This is from my fathers side, the mother of grandgfather Angel Singson Sr.

********************** EVENTS OF THE DAY *************************

== Spent the morning looking at property near Banhigan, about 900 square meters, owned by Bello Benemerit0

==spend the afternoon at Highway 54 (Uncle Gil and Dads property) clearing up the area.

== Its ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST FEAST DAY, we visited family friends and relatives and attended the fiesta.

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