Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In canada: Honor and Dignity

In the Philippines, my parents raised me Catholic and God-fearing.

As a teen-ager, my mom lectured me.

Mom: "You should be modest, no boyfriends until you finish college.
Its a shame when you got married with this tune:
" here comes the bride, three months inside".

Well, it really did work for me at least for the time being.

I did not have a boyfriend in high school.
I did not have a boyfriend in university.
I had one serious boyfriend when I stated my career and we all know how it ended.

When I turned 26, I moved to Canada.
When I turned 34, I got married.
My five year old son was my ring bearer.
My 8 month daughter was my flower girl.

My mom must be very proud of me!

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