Thursday, August 22, 2013

Luffa, Giant Zucchini or Cuccuza Squash

August 22 , 2013
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

This season has been challenging for me. I am not a stay at home mom anymore - I work and keep working out of the house, into clients garden pulling weeds, and all weeds. I will come home very tired, and barely have energy to tend for my jungle garden.

This year - I am also very blessed with friends. They gave me seeds and more seeds.

Karen K gave me luffa seeds.

Matt M. from USA gave me some Cuccuzza seeds to try.

And of course i have random zucchini seeds from neighbors. So these plant grow in my front yard, and reaches 15 feet - around 13 feet circumference too. One big fat zucchini and I have no idea if i wait long enough it will like Cuccuzza, or Luffa

I did cook it today - it is young and tender. Maybe young luffa?
Maybe young Cuccuza?

I added slivers of dried fish, ginger, young pods of scarlet runner beans, vietnamese coriander, parsely, green perilla, orange mint, chives, basil, pea leaves, philippine spinach, cucurbits flowers - picked like 30 of them, garlic and onions.

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