Monday, January 19, 2009

Self Coaching

I'm starting to realize that no one else can really help you except yourself.
Sometimes, we have friends that come over for a visit and gives us inspiration.
Sometimes, it's the events around you that keep you moving.
Sometimes, nothing really inspires you to move, and you just sit there and there is no amount of self cheering that can keep you moving. Do you have anything else in mind?
What works for you?

Maybe, if I start writing down a list things to do, that will inspire me.
But no, that will be the opposite. I have too much to do, with this limited time of mine, and I will end up getting depress just by looking at it. Sounds familiar? Think again.

My memory is not good. At 33 years old, you will think that I can recall better than your grandfather. But nope, I tend to write notes everywhere to remind myself of very urgent things that I need to do.

But also, I like to remember good things. Happy events in life, or even the weather in general.
So maybe, I should blog about weather. The weather is a topic that will never seem to offend anyone. So, thats a good start.

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Weather: -10C
Outside, it is snowing mildly, and I woke up late today. About 12 noon, and now its 4pm. Within that 4 hours, i eat, play computer games on There are dishes to wash, laundry to do, assignments to work on, school supplies to purchase.
I had a great time last night, my friend Belle come over with friends bringing food, and gave me a surprise baby shower. I was really surprised, in fact, I did not have any drinks, so I have to call Rob at work to buy some pop on the way home.
We have fun, sing-along like crazy, food and baby gifts. It was so nice of them.

Weight: 150 lbs
Height : 5 ft 5 inches
Note: 39 weeks pregnant

I have to update the health watch part soon, so I can monitor my own progress. Now call that self coaching!

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