Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Karlina is 68 days old

Tuesday, April 14th. My darling daughter Karlina is 68 days old today. We both sleep in till noon, she was awake few times last night. Daddy is off to his First Aid training today at St. Johns ambulance. Yesterday, he stayed home all day to spend time with Karlina and me.

I am still breastfeeding Karlina, its cheap and convenient because I am still on maternity leave.

She smiles a lot, she talks (in words that i cannot comprehend) and all i do is nod to express that I agree with her and she smiles in return. She tends to favor her left side, and recently she can turn to the left side on her own.
I think she is huge for a 2 months baby.

Today I am studying and she studies with me. I played baby songs from Youtube.com on my laptop, while she watches me studying.

In this picture, I put her in a bassinet beside me while I am studying for my final exams at Carleton University.

I took 3 subjects this term via Carleton University Television (CUTV). Well,its basically a class lecture recorded in the classroom and I watch it at home. It cost an extra $50 on top of your tuition to avail this service but its worth it. I watched my lecture on odd hours, like 1am after breastfeeding Karlina. So, this format is a good option for mothers on maternity like me.

My exams were on April 18th, 20, and 23rd.

So, I better get back to studying now.

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