Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kieren : 4 months old

Kieren turned 4 months old and his neck is strong enough that I put him in the exersaucer. He enjoyed it, look around, and played with the toys. He is a healthy young boy, and in God's grace, never been sick. He had cold due to change of seasons, but other than that, he is very active and alert. He sleep very well, and feeds every 4 hours on breast milk.

Karlina at 20 months is very active. She is trying to form her own personality, easily frustrated, and climbs on anything. She likes to wave to everyone. She smiles a lot. She runs....chases her brother. She like to sit on my lap. She likes it when I brush her hair. She knows her gloves when it is cold. She climbs the stairs independently. She goes to the kitchen when she is hungry. She picks up her own plastic glass. She can drink from a glass without spilling. She eats yougort, cheese, rice, spaghetti, ham, eggs, apple, pears, oranges, & grapes. She nap once a day. She can climb out of her crib, so we are training her now to lay on her toddler bed. She can follow routine, she can do errands for mommy. She is happy to bring dirty diapers to the garbage can. She likes to play in the bath. She plays with Thomas the train and Percy, while bathing. She likes high fives, and she can say "love you" , "thank you". She loves to dance. I play on youtube few dance songs, and he does follow simple steps. She dance to  MJ's, "they don't really care about us", Aqua's Tarzan and Jane and Barbie Girl, and Canadian Please. She is a busy little one, and she is interested in any electronics with buttons: cellphones, computers, telephones, remote controls. She rides on her little bus.

Kenneth is 6, and enjoying independence and school. He challenges authority and keeps asking a lot of questions. He seeks attention at home and school. He is healthy and he love playing outside. He like his Tonka bike and rides a lot. He is enjoying his current sport: Basketball with GRDO. He likes to be part of the crowd.

My husband, loving as ever........very hardworking, and tries to get a day off once in a while to play with the kids..

I am as usual surviving day by day and I hope I will get use to this someday, and I am still hoping to win the lottery.

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