Thursday, December 2, 2010

1C - The Snow Melts

It was a cool Thursday today, clear at 1C. I should say, this weather is better than the 8C all day rain we have yesterday.

I manage to get out of the house around 11am, then stop at Rideau Center. I bought 4 sheets of bus tickets, worth $30. The we walked  to Gilmour St. to pick up as toy train, but the owner was not home, so I left the money in her mailbox. I will have to come back and get it another time. Then  I  have Karlina walk with me holding the side of my stroller. I find it amazing that she hold on to the stroller as we walk along Elgin, I was expecting her to run around and get excited, but she is such a grown toddler with capacity to understand my simple instruction. She sings a lot, and waves to everybody. She is such a cute little girl.

We went back to Rideau Center for lunch, we have A & W  meals. Rideau foodcourt is so busy at noon time, we barely get any seat.

Then we went to shop at GAP. Nothing really I decided to buy mitts, one for Kieren and one for Karlina.  They both get tired, so I called it a day. At 2pm, we boarded bus 97 Airport to go home.

I dropped by at Loblaws by South Keys mall to get some apples and  grapes.
We arrived home at about 330 pm, and it give me time to change Karlina's diaper. Then I left Kieren with Rob to pick up Kenny.

Kenny comes home, we sit, we chat, we did homework. Rob and I finally manage to bring the old monitor to the garbage area. Then, Rob went to work. 

I played pogo games, then clean up the kitchen and load some laundry. Ah, time to call it a day. Its 10:57 pm, and I will breastfeed Kieren, maybe play a game of pogo again...then its bedtime.


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