Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter 2010: First day of Freezing Rain in Ottawa City, ON, Canada

It was cold and chilly -3C today and first freezing rain for winter 2010. I thought bus for school will be cancelled, but that was not the case. I have to walk Kenny to the bus stop, and it felt really slippery. NOTE: buy salt in november next year, so I can salt my driveway, so no one slips.
Rob has to cancel his dentist appointment at 8am. He opened the door, and as his step the porch, he slip badly. Ah, no broken bones, but gave him enough caution not to continue.

I spend the day indoors, and I only took Karlina out when I pick up Kenny. The weather changed so fast that It was like 1degree C when i pick up Kenny.

So, its a normal cool night about 3C, and Rob stayed home for us. Its a good thing because I do not want to worry that he will slip again anytime soon.

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