Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday: Planting Liliums and Tulips and Hosta on the Top:) Indoors: Coleus

Hosta Wolverine 2011

Hosta Wolverine 2011

Lunch Break: Tulips, Liliums and Hosta Wolverine, Hosta Sagae, and Hosta Purple Dwarf on Top

Hosta Hill Fall 2011
The back portion of my little rock garden becomes Angel Hill Hosta.
Deep on the ground are liliums and tulips, topped with hosta: Wolverine, Sagae and Purple Dwarf.

My lunch break was consist of planting Lilium bulbs, top with tulip bulbs. I was not contented, so I planted two pots of hosta on top, to create that hilltop look.

Indoors: I started a small flat of Coleus, just because I need something to keep me busy for winter, and these babies are so colorful, "red", my favorite color.

The plastic is covers the coleus cuttings for humidity.
There are 8 cuttings in this small flat, plus 2 in small yogort containers.
I plan on putting this cover for one week, then transfer them to the basement rack.

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