Friday, September 16, 2011

Hosta - August Moon

 (Ruh, 1996)

My hosta august moon is obtained from Dawn in 2011. I love her texture, sunny and my front yard has more sun. And look, she did not burn either.

The Hosta Registrar entry on her  mentioned that she is a medium to large plant measuring about 38 inches wide and 16 inches tall. a moderate to fast grower. I like the color overall, and she is a great centerpiece for a garden planter and many other small annuals you can tuck in. The growing location is OH, USA and she is of unknow parentage.
Below is Hosta August Moon  in container fall 2011. It  is in a perennial container, just by my front yard. I think this will be the last decent picture of it, as Ottawa is calling for frost.

Hosta August Moon - 2011
Hosta August Moon

2011 Overwintering in container. As I am a city dweller in a small townhome, I am restricted to small space, thus she is overwintered in her pot.  Of course, I was in panic by spring, because I cannot see her peaking out. Is she frozen dead? Oh No!

Well, she is not! She came back, along with Heuchera Palace Purple in 2012. hurray 2012 - welcome back August Moon! Ah oh, sacrificing a goat did help!

Hosta August Moon may 17, 2012

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