Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today, I stumbled upon Linus Torvalds Blog

this is my fulltime job, and it pays a lot!
if you count the number of diapers leaving my house each garbage day.

today, I stumbled upon Linus blog because I was trying to find reference for open source software.

while i thought geek dom and blogging does not mix, Linus prove me wrong again.

And i dare comment on his post about mingling with the Hollywood stars. He describes how fun it is to be Linus and Tove around them. And then, I look back this post was way back in February....who cares!

And they got 3 kids?

So, 10 years must have pass, my old laptop still runs on Linux, the desktop runs on Ubuntu.

No, no, no, days before Ubuntu was bittersweet. I got no kids that time, and I worked on my pajamas. And the cleaning lady comes once a month to clean up after me. And Sega Dreamcast was a hit!

And who am I kidding? I still work on my pajamas, smeared with yogort, and I walk on cheerios each morning, while getting to the coffee maker. happens so fast, eh?
This ain't an easy run, like running a marathon.

While I plan to do something else, like going to group fitness at Goodlife called Body Combat, I end up drifting in memory of 10 years back when I work on my pajama, and I call the cleaning lady once a month to clean my one bedroom apartment.

Now, in the day called "present", I am sorrounded by 3 kids, with boxes and gift wrappers from Christmas, and I lost the number of the cleaning lady.

So, I run around in circles, while what I was trying to do was find the number of the cleaning lady.

I stumbled on a post about Freecycle and Al Gore, and Ice Cream, and I thought gee....It was not Al Gore who invented the internet - someone named Tim Berners Lee, then I googled for reference. And I said, gee....Bill Gates got rich on that boom, I wonder how my pal Linus was doing...and here goes, I end up finding his blog on google.

The Earth must have been that perfect circle because I run around in circles and I end back in my living room dealing with the mess, with my daughter chasing my youngest son who is about to drop an apple to my aquarium to feed fishies! But then, it was jut last week when Karlina squirted a whole tube of toothpaste to Kenneth's aquarium upstairs because "fishy need to clean teeth".

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