Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yim Anthony : SPAM

I do not know if anyone still falls for this, but this is the 3rd email I got with the same message.

What county is +44, just wondering if anyone got feedback. Is this a long distance spam to entice to spend on long distance bills, or is this a spam to get your money? or both?



My name is Yim Anthony, Owner Rainbre Minning Ltd. I am 74years of age

with a terminating illness. I got your contact from a small business

forum where small businesses are discussed while where i was looking for

a reliable person who can make and handle investments with funds that i

will provide. However you should meet the following conditions.


1. Considering my age, I intend to remain anonymous (you will be the front man)

2. I do not entertain third party (you deal with me directly)

3. All information i shall reveal to you must be kept in full confidence and trust.

4. We shall sign and seal a non-disclosure agreement.

5. I am proposing 20% of profits from all investments for you.

6. You will have to come and meet with me for discussions and release of

Investment funds as i don't do business only on internet and telephone.

7. Draft an investment Plan summary and send to my perusal and consideration

I can also assist in project funding and loan finance at reasonable interest for long Term ONLY.

Please call me on +44 7924511684 so that we can discuss about this

I await your investment Plan.


Yim Anthony

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