Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall 2013: Is it coming anytime soon?

October 21, 2013
 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

 I am feeling cold, and I am wearing my sweater, so this is rough time for me. Too many of my potted plants outside, I am contemplating of bring them all in. Why not? I love them all equally. So, mint will come back, perennial in Zone 5. But I like the Berries and Creamt Mint Tea? So, this pot is no.1 to come in my crowded indoor greenhouse.

And i look at the beautiful mini-rose. Why did i planted this one in the ground? Should I dig?

 And down with my spinach: Basella alba. This a tropical spinach, it grows in my kitchen, I take one or two leaves to add to my breakfast sandwiches. By next year, I will re-seed anyways, so I am gonna bring her inside. I should start paying Karlina to water my plants in winter.


  1. ur an amazing person, ive learned so much from u reading ur blogs, i can use a lot of ur expertise in planting and experiments. i will soon go back to the country after 32
    years of working as ICU nurse here in chicago,i am planning to do sustainable
    gardening, cause i dont believe in being indolent, utilizing all available time in creating things like planting seeds is so sustainable and no one should be hungry
    for as long as there is time.

    1. Hello Romeo, Thanks for your kind words. I was not able to check the comments lately, as winter has been rough on me. But please do take time to plant, anything that grow, anything we can eat. As long their is land, little water, we can make do with what we have. I love growing everything, regardless of my small backyard. I believe that we can have our own sustainable pots, plots or a small corner. I am headed home for few days in May, and I will definitely plant more...and enjoy home grown vegetable. Feel free to contact me: angelina2600@gmail.com