Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall: Frost visited my garden?

October 21, 2013
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Frost, did you visit my garden?

I was so oblivious with weather lately, and the garden was neglected. The midterms ordeal was a perfect excuse.

Today, after my Earth Science Laboratory midterm, I have enough of academia and decided to come home and cook myself some pancit. I bought a bag of shrimp, Kenny loves it, so do I.

I came home and started on cooking. I usually add all the herbs and veggies from the backyard, so I decided to clip some. And oh my! The backyard is a sorry state, but my favorite mints are still kicking.
Coleus is totally browned - like any tropical plants.

I manage to bring in my "Berries and Cream Mint".
 Isn't mint perennial in Zone 5?
Beats me, I like my berries and cream mint for winter. So, I rather have this inside, added to my many pots that I drag inside my house.

So, here are some pictures of my plants, evidence that Frost indeed visit. Or maybe not frost, just plain cold nights...

Basella alba

coleus canina

coleus blumei

coleus "peter wonder"

sweet potato "Ipomea batata"

scarlet runner beans and tomato

pot of herbs

pots of herbs

see the totally burned "browned coleus" in the middle

So, how is everyone's garden doing?
Not as bad as mine?

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