Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday 9C/48 F for you my dear friends over the border

good friday
april 18, 2014

I have been silent all winter season, I was in school and most of my plants in my basement died. I know I was grieving for them.

Actually, life has been very rough for me. And let us put it that way for now.

Today, I went in the front yard, all the snow were gone. I picked up the garbage and sprinkled some seeds. It always make me feel alive, the smell of earth, the smell of dirt.
I went in the backyard, it was still snowy. I manage to remove the debris and clear few pots. Clearly, the mint are coming back. The smell of mint and perilla were so good.

I sprinkled many seeds, bok choy, marigold, coneflowers and some beans.
The beans might be too early, but i covered them deep enough to acclimate.
I won't be doing anything special this summer, simply let the perennial grow back, make sure the herbs are in full abundance for BBQ and summer mojitos.
Speaking of mojitos, I really do hope all of them are still alive. That is my fave summer drink.:)

So, happy spring everyone, I am back to work on my final school report, work for my job later while the laundry is going.

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