Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter Monday! 18C/63 F

Garden's  last for hundred years, companies don't. That's because people love and take care of gardens.
Larry Ellison - CEO Oracle Corp. ( Excerpts from Softwar)

I think gardens are immortal. People die, seasons change, but the garden renews itself each season. The joy I found looking at tulips poking  up from beneath the ground, the mint showing buds, ready for the next mojito. Reminds me of life springing right in front of me again, the passion I took up in life is the very passion that drives many people to give reason to live - just one more day, regardless if you are a penniless mom or a handsome billionaire. Each person has a special place in their heart when it comes to gardens.
It could be the flowers.
It could be the meals over fresh herbs and BBQ.
It could be friendships.
It could be empowerment, because the smell of Mother Earth inspires you.

I don't know about me, I know working in gardens brings the best  in me. The bees buzz around me, the  birds sing, the sun bath me with glistening sunlight, my life is never the same without a garden. My parents always remember me as such the math wiz kid, who would just love to come home to water her tomatoes and bougainvillas. Plants love me too, my presence let them bloom. They feel my energy, some sort of living breath within me.

While I mentioned that life has been rough lately, I should need rest and forget about gardening for my clients this season. But....i personally think that gardening will re-energize me again. Gardening gives me hope, makes me smile, brings me money and  makes my clients happy.

I never meet a sad client after my work...all of them were very happy sipping ice tea after a long day of work. All of my clients enjoy my company while gardening. I have many clients all through these years who call me each spring for gardening work.

Sometimes, I think I was born to garden...and maybe I really was. I should move somewhere warm and garden all season. But I love Ottawa, this is my hometown, regardless if the winters are harsh. I love the variety of season, I love the winter surprise.

Gardening is my therapy. Gardening makes me smile. Gardening makes me feel satisfied with life. Gardening is a welcome rest, from the hustle and bustle of life.  The plants around me, gives me one more reason to live. The flowers are just so beautiful.

I cannot find a price for the feeling of being one in the universe by being a gardener.

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