Saturday, May 22, 2010

Karlina at 1 year and 3 months: LEFT EAR INFECTION

Karlina is now 1 year and 3 months and she got an ear infection in her left ear.
She was high on temp about 101F and it freaks me out. Alternate on Advil and Tylenol to control her temp, plus wet cloth on her forehead.

It started on Thursday May 20, 2010 and her temperature was unusually high, and i thought it was summer heat, so its just bath for her. Friday, the high temperature persisted, plus coughing and runny nose. And she got this runny poop once that stink like you never believe it. Thought i smelled the worst already, but this one was atomic bomb. Friday night was crazy, she won't calm down and i have to carry her all the time, and temperature spiked high again.

Saturday: May 22, 2010 I asked Rob to take time off work so we can take Karlina to the doctor. We waited for the walk in clinic for one hour and she got an infection in the left ear.

She got a prescription, Amoxicilyn for seven (7) days starting today, 3 times in a day. She is fuzzy and she did not eat her fruits today. She loves her grapes, banana or cantaloupe. Today, she seem to munch on Goldfish, cough and spit it out again.

I hope she feels better tomorrow, because I am getting tired too.

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