Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 10, 2010. (MONDAY) Rob's 32nd Birthday

We wake up nice, and sing happy birthday to Rob. We got him a cake a day before, and Kenny told him about it, so yeah...kinda the surprise is spoiled. Of course, Kenny did it because he was so proud that he got to pick Daddys birthday cake.

We got pancakes, fruit trays, and cake in the breakfast table.  It was a nice day, kids are healthy running around the house and Rob was home.

Jack came by in the afternoon, and we got beer delivered to our home, at my convinience.

For dinner, we have Mom, Kieth, Auntie Sharron and we got pizza from Hungry Sammy's. It was delicious and the price was alright.

Kenny and Karlina enjoyed playing with Auntie and Mom running around the house. It helps me a lot because it tires them, to get ready to bed.

We got Dave over for a visit too, and it was nice to end the day with Rob happy and smiling. Must be the beer!

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