Thursday, November 18, 2010

Because it is Rainy Thursday, and Snail Mail with Love

Its a rainy Wednesday here in Ottawa at 5C, and I went to my dentist this afternoon. Finally, that cavity is gone and my teeth was filled to last for awhile.

I have a busy day as usual, but before hitting the bed, I decided to send a small card to my sister An, and to my bestfriend Gevelyn. Days just pass by like crazy and I am hoping to at least end it somehow, remembering friends...and enjoy life, share the laugther.

Kieren is a very strong baby, at about 5 months, he started enjoying the Exersaucer. He can grasps objects at this time...almost 6 months, he has a very strong grip. I also notice he gets fuzzy now, and the first teeth is coming up.

Karlina is experiencing milestone: she now understand when she is in trouble. We let her sit on the stairs.
She also starting to form words, or at least understand it. Everything she wants is mommy. She is a light sleeper...she wakes up when Kieren cries, or Kieren also wakes up when she cries.  She never like the toddler bed, so I decided to put the mattress on the floor, which works better. She sleep average 8 to 10 hours...but some days, she sleeps from 8pm till 4am. Imagine waking up at 4am, while I am still breastfeeding Kieren? Ughhh

Kenneth is in Grade 1, big adjustment for him from Kindergarten. He is still in play mode, and tends to play even if its time for school work. He is enjoying school, and learning French.  I am proud of my son, and he finds the world so fascinating and I hope this life will treat him well.

i have to sign off before I start rambling....the clean up, the laundry, the garbage...ugh

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