Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Houseplant: Aeschynanthus, Dizygotheca, Gollum

Jade(Crassula ovata) - but also I am wondering if this is the compacta variety. She seem to have smaller leaves than the rest of my Jade, so let's see. She is merely about 1 foot tall, so nothing really special. I just love Jades of all leaf shapes, and sizes. They seem to thrive by my neglect as CAM give them the boost for survival.

Jade Gollum or Hobbit.

Crassula ovata convoluta gollum

Now, don't ask me if she is Gollum or a Hobbit Jade. She is about 6 inches tall, because they are well...hobbit, tiny, compact. Left over from a bunch of succulents about November 2011.
She survive for about 3 months now, she is located in one of my bookshelves, so neglecting her is a habit. Maybe once a month I remember to check it out.

Castor plant (Dizygotheca). 4 inch pot.
Labeled under tropical plant. Check it out if I was right, most labels are hit and miss and so as my research.
She has been a resident of my basement since December 2011.
She survive on "watered when I remember basis".
I do my laundry every weekend, so she get's watered on this frequency with one cup of water. There is a shop light in the basement, so she gets light that way.
So far, she looks okay. I thought I would show her off now that she survive about 2 months of neglect.

Lipstick plant (Aeschynanthus).
Labeled as tropical, and it looks interesting to me. Shiny leaves. Don't know how she will stay alive, but I like her anyways. So, she comes home with me. She lives in my basement since December 2011. Thriving on about 2 months with my neglect, I think she deserves a space in my blog. I hope she remains happy along with the rest of my plants who got personality issues.

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