Saturday, January 21, 2012

MICROSOFT Telephone Scammer

Well, it hits Ottawa too. I am putting up this blog base on FCO cafe conversation and new from Ottawa Citizen.

Summary: Person calls you - telling you he is a microsoft technician, and they tell you "your computer has virus, is reported by your remote microsoft connection", ask you to receive a script "computer file" to suppose fix the virus.

Then, the virus, problem solve, he ask for payment.

1. he is not from microsoft.
2. the file he sends you is something that will get your private information.
3. when you receive this call, he will convince you that you need help. You don't.

what if I receive the file already?

Disconnect from the internet. Disconnect your wifi, disconnect your cable.
this will prevent the person from getting your personal files, credit card numbers, etc.

find someone who can remove the file to your computer.

I am compiling here phone numbers where the call come from.
If you got a call, add the phone number here.
it will help us all.

1 510 9433040

thanks. angie

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