Monday, January 30, 2012

What can you buy with your $50?

Hawthoria spp

Euphorbia x Iomi (red flowers from Madagascar, wonders if she get a permanent resident status in my Ottawa home? )

Echevaria spp. ( a purple one, what do you call this one now?)

Echevaria lylacina - aha! I know plant tags are 90% wrong.

Correction: Kalanchoe luciae (1) - paddle plant, paddle kalanchoe, dessert cabbage
(1) reference:

Echevaria - spp (thick and fleshy one, anyone know the name?)

Last christmas 2011, my bff gave me $50. she said that she thinks I deserve something, just she does not know what it is. I never did know what I deserve, a manicure perhaps? So, i look around for nail polish, and they came with the groceries, so I was left with $50, still to my account.

Today, I missed my gym time, I was too late going out of the house and I end up at Home Depot. I thought, maybe I can buy myself a sledge hammer to pound the ice on my walk way.

Well, it seemed the seed shelves are out.

So, I bought 5 packets of McKenzie Seed Packets: Swiss Chard - Bright Lights, Squash-Sunburst Hybrid, Onion-Annual Bunching, Cantaloupe Delicious, & Rosemary.

Then another nice table of Succulents:

Echevaria - spp
Echevaria - purple (?)
Echevaria lylacina

Grabbing a box on my way out, these succulents came home with me tonight. Only time will tell if my $50 will last another year.

The bill was $38.14, plus tax - I paid $43.10. And I got a left over of $6.90 to buy stickers, stamps and thank you card for my bff.

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