Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year 2012

new year 2012

christmas was fun, kids accumulated lots of garbage, but it makes them happy or at least laugh. The point of cutting junk to save for the children's future might be counterproductive. Let them be kids, let them have a blast opening gifts.
although, most parents tried the very best to find alternatives, this consumer base driven society is here. kids know that Johnny gets it, and know mommy has enough cash for it, so if he is good for the year, why not?
Since we discovered that we are covering our planet with trash, we started cleaning up. Not everyone, but all of humanity tried. While the Christmas trash is criticized everywhere, I sit down and wonder what grandma would think of this. Maybe she would say," let the kids be kids, give the gift now, do not wait until they do not want to play with it no more". enjoy the present and let the future be a cheerful one, because you enjoy the present. if you worry now (your present), the chances of worries carry over to the future, but if you laugh now, it will echo and bring positive energy to the future and its rulers --- yes, these kids will be our future. they will find solutions amidst challenging problems, because they can. because you teach them how to laugh with your hearts content, and live the present, and live to the fullest without hesitation.

new year...2012
it would be nice to remember 10 years from now, what i did for new year. i know, its old, boring plain housewife tale...but probably the best shot i have for life.

nite was cozy, in front of TV, with hubby opening a sparkling wine that won't pop.
So, hubby got the cork opener which blasted to his head, thank goodness it was not a life threatening moment.

watch the ball drop, sit with hubby some more, and then retire to bed.

Morning was late wake up about 8:30am, then i make "benignet". nope, not the typical philippines one, but local north american one. "sweet potato, plantain banana, barley, maple syrup & coconut milk".

hubby wake up late, just to think it is his last day of work.

i think i spend an hour with plant, doing all cleaning, and more cleaning...just like what is expected of housewife.

maybe i have the best of everything and I do not see it.

i got the greatest kids ( who would not say that?) and I got a great husband and I stay home taking care of 3 kids. Maybe i am just overwhelmed with this business of being the housecleaner day in and out, i am never use to it.

And long hours that get longer each day depending if any of the kids got constipation, teeth going on, or just naturally fuzzy.

as my husband tried to give me an hour or two break to visit a gym group fitness, it does make it feel better, that break time from demands of domestic life.

my entry is bias on what i feel on the moment and right now, my kids are acting up trying to make more mess than picking up the junk, so maybe I am just saying i only get calm when i am talking about plant, not life.

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