Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bush beans planted today

saturday, august 11, 2912.
ottawa city, ontario, canada

despite rain forecast, no rain here on my end of the city.

i went to goodlife for a body attack class - and it was fun!

then went home to my kiddos.

my kids went out in the backyard, with their bikes. I find time to deadhead flowers, and remove brown leaves. This to make sure that squirrels, snails, slugs have not cozy bed to nest on.

kieren napped at lunch time so i got time to work in the garden.
i removed the beans - all done, and plant seeds for second harvest. Really???? yeah - im not sure, but worth a try.
i also put the volunteer seedlings of tomato in bigger pots. I did not have the heart to pull em out, so I got tomatoes this year.

Did i mentioned last year that i won't plant tomatoes? Yes - i never did. but the volunteer seedlings were never pulled out! So, I am back with 5 or 6 pots of them? I hope these are cherry tomatoes, so I can get some for kids to harvest.

So, off to another work now, and hope it won't rain while I am biking out.

What have you been doing lately? 

bean harvest

miniature white cucumber and beans

kieren and karlina

beans climbing my backyard canopy

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