Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coleus 2012

The ugly coleus - pale brown with green edges were almost toss in the compost. However, I planted them along the fence as slug bait for my hosta. And guess what? - honeybees love them! Ugly Coleus rocks!
Coleus flower with a bee - can you see the bee?
august 12, 2012
ottawa city, ontario, canada
Coleus collection in my backyard.

Coleus Salmon Lace - nice big leaves to accent my Hosta Guacamole
Coleus Apple green and some Coleus Scarlet Wizard!

some garden pictures thriving after the heatwave, and loving the rain!

coleus collection - violet tri-color with some coleus velvet lime
A collection of  Coleus Velvet Lime
coleus collection in a pot

coleus-fishnet stockings

Coleus Giant exhibition - Palisandra
heirloom coleus

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