Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vegan Dish in 5 minutes: Summer Squash with Herbs

August 26, 2012 Ottawa, ON Canada
Scallop Squash - Sunburst Hybrid 2-3 inches long

 I was out gardening today for the day, and believe me, I am tired. I needed a 5 minute meal. So I went in the backyard and I picked the scallop squash. They are young and tender at 2-3 inches long, and I cook them like Zucchini.

I cut some onions and ginger and put some EVOO in the skillet. I toss the onion and ginger, and some diced tomato and cover it. I set the temperature to just below medium and I headed out in the backyard to get some herbs and greens. 

I was gone in the backyard for maybe 1-2 minutes. When I came in, I added the thinly sliced summer squash to the skillet and cover it again. I washed my herbs and greens.

Here is what is in my bowl of herbs and greens: beans, basella rubra, sweet potato leaves, lemon balm (Melissa offiicinalis), Orange mint, Golden Lemon Thyme, oregano, basil and that's right, marigold flowers. I just use the petals and throw out the center. I grow these marigold from seeds, so I am sure no pesticides are sprayed on them.

After washing my greens, I opened the skilled and stir the mix. The squash is cooked and I added the herbs and greens - I covered for another 1 minute.

Herbs and Greens added in the skillet
Cover for another 1 minutes. Optional (Add your salt and pepper!)

And my meal is ready!

My dinner - ready in 5 minutes, from vegetables grown in my backyard. Summmer 2012.

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