Friday, March 9, 2012

Hosta Canadian Blue

Hosta Canadian Blue
Harry Van Vliet/AHS/Walek 2009

small to medium clump

I found this hosta at Artistic Landscape at Bank in spring of 2011. The name Canadian just make me pick it up. I am a sucker for anything Canadian, being transplanted to Canada myself at an early age.
Nothing much on The Hosta Registrar, except this one is breed in Netherlands. This plant reminds me of Halcyon, probably the same family. Now that I thought of it, I should have bought Halcyon for a cheaper price. Oh well, who knows?

According to Hosta Library, this is a sport of Halcyon. Now, I don't know when will I find the difference between Halcyon and this one? Maybe a mature clump in 3-5 years from now.

I love the deep blue of this hosta, sometimes it looks blackish dull. Unusual for a hosta and worth the wait, it grows probably from the species tardiana?

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