Friday, March 9, 2012

Pepper Propagation

March 27, 2012 . Update, they all germinated except one: 99% germination. Now my task is to keep them alive, mist them everyday since I remove the humidity dome to let them grow. These are still under grow lights.

March 8, 2012. Pepper Propagation

Variety 1. Pepper Medusa (Sweet Ornamental) - Ideal for Containers
it is a new variety, it is colorful and non-burning "child safe" pepper.
Better be! A color like that, my toddlers are bound to pick it.
Tthe packet cost me 4.99 plus tax, and it has like 10 seeds. That is a very expensive seed?
well - its colorful, its new, and its child safe. That is what i paid for.

The other variety I added to fill the flat is another pepper called
Pepper Little Blue (Container Variety).
The packet said:
This amazing little upright plant produces an abundance of 2 cm oval glossy purple fruit.  It is edible and can be be use as hot pepper as well. Fruit is purple at 60 days and ripe red at 85 days.
Awesome, technicolor rainbow!

As usual, I used peat pellets, pour some water on these pellets, she expanded.

Stuff the seeds, 2 seeds per pellet, then  cover it with a humidity dome. Okay, any clear plastic will do.

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