Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 19th, 23C and wondering about it?

march 19, 2012 - 23C here in Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada

it is march 19th here in ottawa, and it was still cold last year, and full of ice. this year 2012, it is nice, all snow melted already in the front yard.
no, i am not complaining at all, just saying this make me think.:)
bumper crops, flowers, all that very interesting stuff.
i am a crazy gardener you know.

so, do i sow the marigolds now? Do i sow the beans now?

and spring forecast this coming weekend?

see what makes me think?

God has a sense of humor...if you believe in God, or if not, whatever your Atheist belief tell you. But hey, it is sense of humor, and i have 20 pots of coleus out. if they died because well...weekend snow, i got 100 more pots. so, very funny!

kids are enjoying this weather and I love it too.
so, here we are yesterday outside.

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  1. I know what you mean... with the humidex, it's going up to 30C today! I wish I'd had time to put my flats outside before I left for work! (they're going out tomorrow, for sure!) My chives are going nuts, and the tomato sprouts are now about 6 inches tall. The basil is growing like wildfire and the cilantro is getting tall. Only sprouts that are questionable are the parsley ones, but there's no room on the sill for them to get sun, so that's probably the problem there. Spring is here! (but that doesn't mean we won't get more snow before planting season).