Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Peas and more Peas be with you

Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada
April 16, 2012

Temp: 8 Degrees C

Today is a rainy day, but not raining cats and dogs. Just enough to keep melting the snow in my backyard. My front yard is clear of snow, Kieren and I worked so hard to crush the ice, and stomp the last of it.

I decided to plant some peas - the Little Marvel variety from last year. I do something different, I germinate my peas outdoors in cardboard cups, and just bury these cups when the soil can be work. The soil is still frozen here.

Around spring, if you walk around your neighborhood, cups are littered all over the place. So, what about spring cleaning?
Punch holes - easily using a knife.
Buy seeds - like peas. I put like 3 seeds per cup, and let nature take care of it. The rain will scarify the seeds, and hopefully wake it up.

Why i germinate outdoors? I cannot be bothered with hardening - well, eventually I have to with the other seedlings, but the hassle of bringing plant in and out of my house everyday is such a chore.

So, later on, I was thinking of having a hanging planter, which I can grab the peas for my salad. Ain't that cool?
2012 white hanging planter with beans (repeat for 2013)

yes, yes, I know the flowers are more beautiful, once the pease starts dying off, a colorful blend of spinach seeds will be planted in the same white hanging pot.

The variety of peas that I have these year are : homesteader, little marvel, and sugar snap peas from Mary Sue H.

UPDATE: today, May 13th ...most of these seeds in a cup are up and ready to be planted. I am excited.

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