Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring: 2013 seedlings germinating in my basement

April 2 2013
Ottawa ON Canada

The ice blocks in the front yard is hard as rock. I tried to use shovel, and crew bar to pry it. Definitely more ice this year than 2012.

Nevermind my backyard, it is still at 3 ft snow. it is a miracle if it ever melt ever so fast.

1degree C still. definitely colder than last year which snow cleared around this time.

In my basement, the bitter melon is germinating nicely.

Bittermelon 2013 (Momordica charantia)

The Asian hot peppers showing signs of growth.
Asian Hot Pepper

The 4 ornamental -sweet peppers (MEDUSA) that I used for test germination is doing well. So hopefully, more sweet peppers in a pot for Karlina this year.

The miniature cucumber white from last year germinated too, showed some signs of progress and growth. 

The watermelon radish I got from Linda, seems to be very lanky. I don't know if it needs more light, but definitely, I need to practice my skills with radish. Looks like I need to do some tweaking in this one.

The coleus cuttings from Winn were marvelous. One pot grow big and this one was just started last week. Definitely a strong variety of coleus and worth propagating.

The coleus seeds from my garden surprisingly sprouted. I don't know if these will grow "true" from seed, but well.............they grow without an effort. This pot is an old pot, soil not sanitized, oil soil from coleus cuttings...so definitely interesting that these seeds did not die from fungus yet.

Coleus Seeds from my Garden in 2012 - germinating for the season

Before the seed exchange, I cleaned out my  seed bag and dumped some seeds in the pot. I have no clue what seeds are those, a mix of something that fall off in the packets. It seems they all germinated. Since, these are all unknown yet, I will label them seedling X, until they showed more true leaves. Anyone have a clue what these maybe???

Seedlings X

And, even if anyone tells me that I cannot start beans now,as they are better when directly sown in the soil, I cannot resist but propagate one of Karen's beans given away last seed exchange. These one is called Craneberry Beans - Bush beans. So, by May 25th, more than 1 month from now, this bean will be 3 feet high, trying to climb on my washing machine.

Craneberry Bean from Karen

And there is another bean pocket from Karen - this one is pole beans. What is the name again?

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