Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vegetables in Pots: Beans, Peppers, Tomatoes

April 7, 2013
ottawa city, ontario, canada

Last year has been very good for gardening for me, despite the water ban in the middle of summer. My beans were watered from the kitchen grey water, and they survive. Not only did survive, but well, great great harvest.
Here is the pictures, hope it inspires you. I am thinking of doing it again, and add more. These white pots are those from Loblaws with hanging flowers, and I re-used them.
beans in a hanging pot, and the 5 gallon pot is a tomato/basil tandem.

another tomato in a hanging white pot

the harvest: beans and mini cucumber

Harvest: the eggplant was planted on the ground, the herbs were in pot because it is easy to harvest.

The ladder on the left: 2 pots of tendergreen (BUSH) beans, easily harvested by my kid. the lower pot is coleus,and lemon balm.  The right structure is sort of layered metal from the library to sort books: tomatoes, okra, mini-peppers

Big pot: My black recycle bin is temporarily hosting the mini-cucumbers home for the summer.

Medusa: Sweet Pepper (mini pepper) with some green onions beside it. Another re-used white hanging pot.

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