Saturday, April 20, 2013

Heirloom, Organic, Non-GMO Seeds

April 20, 2013
2 degrees C
Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada

I have been ask to recommend heirloom, organic and NON-GMO seeds, and here is my top 3. Probably, not the same as yours, but we all do have diffent experiences.

1. Seed Savers Exchange - from Decorah Iowa USA - I bought heirloom tomatoes, and the miniature white cucumber that was very successful was from this company. I believe they have been around as old as I am (1975), and their main mission is keep heirloom seeds in circulation. I started with the miniature cucumbers and few tomato varieties. Each year, I keep saving the seeds, pass them on to Ottawa gardeners, and mail them to GFS - gardening friends in the USA. I tested the seeds with high germination rate, so I would highly recommend them. I support their mission of saving heirloom seeds.

They also have a seed outlet here in Ottawa at : I think it is seasonal, so call them first before heading out.

Herb & Spice Shop

375 Bank St.

Ottawa, ON K2P1Y2

(613) 317-3951

Seed Savers Exchange website:

"Our mission is to conserve and promote America's culturally diverse but endangered food crop heritage for future generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants. 

Our Work
Seed Savers Exchange offers an alternative model to big agriculture through our work, encouraging participatory preservation among our members, and by signing the safe seed pledge. Seed Savers Exchange knows that the future of our planet depends on a genetically diverse food supply and carries out our important work by:

- Maintaining thousands of varieties of different plant types—from amaranth to watermelon—in one of the largest seed banks of its kind in North America.
- Regenerating seed in isolation gardens and storing them in ideal conditions.
- Documenting valuable cultural information on varieties and their histories.
- Distributing heirloom varieties to members and the public through the Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook and the Seed Savers Exchange Catalog
- Storing varieties in back-up locations at the USDA Seed Bank in Fort Collins, CO and at Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway. These off-site deposits remain the property of SSE."

2. Greta Seeds - locally known in Ottawa City, ON, Canada. I have not meet her personally, but I believe I acquired some of her seeds through local seed/and plant exchanges. Many gardeners I met in the exchanges rave about good germination rate, so that is all I can say. I would one day visit her store, and buy some amaranthus and Basella rubra.

Greta's Organic Gardens
399 River Road
Gloucester, Ontario
Canada K1V 1C9

Tel: 613-521-8648
Fax: 613-521-5792



3. Yuko Seeds - - Looking for unique seeds, and a gardener who is passionate about heirloom and NON-GMO seeds? You got a jackpot!
I wish to meet Yuko one day, because  she comes to local Seedy Saturdies in spring, but my schedule did not give me the luxury. Home grown seeds in Carleton Place, happy with the chickens? What more can you ask for?
What I will buy from Yuko? "Amaranth/Red Cathedral, $1.50
Bronze leaves and stems with red flowers. This 1–1.5 m (40–60 in) tall, extremely handsome plant is a hardy and self-seeding annual. Similar to Tunisian amaranth. Will come up every spring. Edible. Add young leaves to your salad for a lovely colour."

Below is a facebook poster, from Growing Organic, Eating Organic: ( thought this is a good explanation)

So, what is your top 3 recommendation?
What have you tried?

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